Date: 10th January 2016 at 5:20pm
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So, Aston Villa fans weren`t happy yesterday at the FA Cup tie v Wycombe Wanderers. An understatement if ever there was one.

One incident shows fans and Micah Richards talking and Micah telling them (he did at least have the guts to go and talk to them) that they weren`t being helped by the fans and that they were trying.

What caused the fans to be there and angry? Some will put it down to fans being fans, paint them in a bad light however I`ve now had three eye witness reports of two so called senior players on the bench playing around and laughing during the game.

Now fine, we can`t (and don`t) expect them to be wearing black arm bands and in tears… however it isn`t out of order for them to sit there for 90 mins being professional and looking half interested is it? Apparently that is too much to ask, better idea to play spitting games it seems.

Yes Brad Guzan and Joleon Lescott it is you we are talking about. Two senior players and alleged grown ups.

One eye witness, a fan who goes back to the point of selling his train set and bike to get to Rotterdam told me:

“We were sat behind the dug out. I watched Guzan and Lescott laughing and fooling around throughout the match. It was a see through dug out. Towards the end I could not stop myself from approaching one of the fans who was showing his anger towards the bench. He told me they were seeing who could spit their chewing gum nearest to the touchline.”

Then I saw this on facebook from a fan who has given me permission to say why he was so incensed (and was one of those talking to Micah I think)… the subject was the abuse from a tiny minority at the coach (most of us don`t condone that sort of thing)

He said:

” I agree wholeheartedly, that was rent a mob, the language used was unacceptable. I do however object to two senior players spending 90 minutes laughing and joking on the bench and littering the pitch with their chewing in some sort of childish game. When confronted without swearing we were told to F..k off not by one but both of them. FairPlay to Micah for calming the situation but there has been no mention of the off field antics. We are all aware of the state our great club is in but we are the club and should be listened to. I have written to the club this morning and await their reply if any will come I do not know.”

More below the image of the shooting practice with chewing gum


“The guy next to me with the beard knocked on the dugout, they both turned round, we said they were disgraceful and obviously didn’t care. With that Guzan told him to f**k off, I knocked the dug out Lescott, told him he is supposed to be Villa to which he replied I am, he turned away, I knocked the dug out again and said why are you not acting like one with which he said f**k off. When Micah came round to us he placated the situation and understood our frustrations. I may look aggressive in the papers but was angry more than anything. It’s breaking my heart what is happening at our great club.”

What are the coaches, assistant manager and manager doing whilst these players are messing around? Do they now manage these players? Are these players above it all? Above the FA Cup? Above showing respect to the fans who paid a lot of money to go and watch that rubbish?

Is there ANYONE accountable or responsible at Aston Villa?

No to all the above it seems.

And no, I’m not claiming it is the crime of the century, but judging by their *** poor performances this season, both of them maybe could have at least shown a little restraint? And spitting competitions at their ages. Really?

No wonder we’re sunk.

I wish we could sack the lot of them if I’m honest, they embarrass this great club.