Date: 29th July 2007 at 10:11am
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2 weeks today the next Premiership season kicks off.

Soon O’Neill will have been manager for a full 12 month period.

Soon will come the day the rhetoric needs to stop, the jam tomorrow promises will count for nothing and the transfer window will have closed.

No longer will the desperate have chance to suggest, promoted I’d guess by the lack of signings, that an injury prone fullback many nicknamed sicknote and a prime boo boy candidate is suddenly the best fullback in the country, or that O’Neill a man renowned for his tight defensive ideals will adopt a 352 tactic.

No the tick tock of the transfer window has just moved into that period O’Neill had last season when he managed to bring in Petrov, who according to his manager, had still not acclimatised by the season end.

As O’Neill commented the first team is an improvement on that at most times selected last year, without question its hugely more talented than the first side he picked.

Hopefully enough has been learnt to have acclimatised those who joined after O’Neill for them to continue firing well from day 1.

Hopefully if he does nothing else in this window he gets a right back of undisputed talent able to play adequately well even if not adjusted

Then any other ‘talent’ he may find by the window’s close and we need several whether they be serious buys or loans deals, will have the season to adjust to be just adequate cover if not serious talent to grow the squad onwards at the rate I’d come to expect and not just hope for.

Its not the way I would have done it, its not the way I expected it to be done, its not in my view the way any Premiership manager wishing to keep up with let alone progress beyond his competition should be doing it.

It is however, a means to achieving consolidation without the taking of any risk.

Come Liverpool we have, a right back permitting, a team capable of giving an account of itself.

Unlike many a pre season in the past, the signings of January mean the side, assuming full adjustment, is one able to give a decent account of itself against any opposition, especially if O’Neill chooses his more negative defensive tactics that gave us so many draws last season.

As with many a pre season in the past the present paucity of players ensures that come injuries, suspensions, and players form fluctuations, the pack of cards will come tumbling down just as they have in so many, many seasons before.

O’Neill knows this, O’Neill will address this, have no fear.

As the squad stands today, I go into the season without much expectation, but little fear.

What happens between now and August 31 is all about how big my expectation will become. A man named Villa would solve that problem too overnight.

Martin O’Neill has handled the transfer window abysmally but no different to how I’d expected, whether he can now deliver as he should, or just as his past record suggests he will, is down to him and the limitations on him.

He’s not the sort of manager you bet against, so hope remains eternal, until August 31 at least.


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  • Quote “Its not the way I would have done it, its not the way I expected it to be done, its not in my view the way any Premiership manager wishing to keep up with let alone progress beyond his competition should be doing it.” Thank God (P McGrath) that you are not managing, this constant whining has got to stop. MON has an excellent C.V. and AVFC48 who exactly do you think you are to have the right to compare yourself to him. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion but we have heard yours more than enough.

  • Im just afraid if we get off to a poor start then ”fans” like avfc48 will turn it into a crisis.There hasn’t actually been many signings made by everyone else around us.

  • i find myself compelled to read your articles, avfc48. Largely because i am intrigued as to what volume of slating you will receive each time. it is a given that pking will be in there, gnawing away at your pride. the predictability is comforting and reassuring. i derive a sadistic pleasure from the incessant negativity that your articles, and the ensuing arguments produce. from the bottom of my heart, i thankyou avfc48.

  • I thought I read this same article a few weeks ago….boring…. what’s the point again?

  • Given the promises, investment and expectation set by the club.It is in their interests if they are to keep the PR bandwagon rolling to invest in the team.It is no secret this was the biggest issue under Ellis, the lack of first team investment.Let’s just wait and see…

  • Agreed yatesy, avfc48’s attempts at subtle slights at our clubs management are boring, reptetitive and of little consequence really. Once again avfc48 can find no alternative to who should be running our club or how it should be run. Like a spolit brat child he doesn’t seem to have any patience, and he lacks the understanding that progress takes time. all in all i find myself becoming convinced his articles are only really written to pander to his own ego, that his opinions are important enough for everyone to listen to. Without any constructive comments or positive suggestions, he merely sounds like an old git, whinging about everything because his bets years are behind him. Shut up once and for all I’m sick of your crap.

  • here’s a quote for all the knockers

    Read and enjoy 🙂

    “Our job is to be able to try to compete with the bigger teams, so we also need to build a squad. This has become very important. Liverpool have improved their squad immensely, and this is a team that reached the Champions League final last season. So just when you start to think that you’re putting a squad together – I’m not saying we have yet – then the other teams seem to be pulling out of sight again.’

    Same old story again, same negativity don’t you agree ?

  • It seems that you are the one disappointed about the lack of jam tomorrow. We are optimistic but realise that the Club isn’t being rebuilt overnight. A five year plan is the current target for the Club to regain top 4 status and CL football. We all acknowledge this but you seem to have expected it overnight and are now throwing your toys out of the pram because it didn’t happen in a year. It seems you were more optimistic than the rest of us.

  • Lot of work to do on that defense. In both the Toronto game, and last nights encounter with Columbus, we looked very shaky at the back. Have to bring in a quality right back, its our number one priority. Second half last night in particular, the Crew caused havoc down the flanks, and if they’d have been more steady in front of goal, then we’d have been in trouble. Stuart Taylor played o.k. last night by the way. No, two wins over here, seven goals, but having seen both games, I can seriously say, ‘Dont get carried away’. MON has a lot of work to do between now and August 11th.

  • Qoute ‘not the way i would have done it’ How many profesional clubs have you managed? How may trophies are in your cabinet? This is the same old crap that you churn out on a weekly basis. Nothing would satisfy you, I am infact starting to feel a little sorry for you.

  • avfc48 it amazes me how, as per your last post above, you manage to take one sentence from a quote or interview and use it completely out of context to try and justify your point of view. The whole MON interview in the Times puts a completely different view across in that we are building a squad, he hasn’t got all the players in yet and that we may possibly challenge this year but in reality we will challenge at the very top in the next two to three years. Coupled with Randy’s interview earlier in the week about being aggressive in the transfer market it puts a completely different spin on things to your predictably negative articles. You really do lose credibility each and every time. There are several other faults with your article above which I could pick up on, but as you post then hide what is the point?

  • So Jon H you are happy that with less than 2 weeks to kick off we have a dodgy defence with no cover and no right back, and that if he signs all 4 by Wednesday evening there will be enough time for them to adjust properly to Villa.
    You accept that the squad is good enough to cope with a full premiership season as it stands that they will be able to walk all over the 5 Premiership teams we play, who all finished above us, before the Man City game
    You accept buying the majority of our players in the last 3 weeks of the window, when we have already kicked off and pre season is over is how Premierhip managers should deal ?

  • I couldn’t help it guys (avfc48 mot included), I had to log in. Again Fear has allowed this spiteful and petty individual to post an article of massive negativity and ego swelling sarcastic remarks. You really do produce BORING articles. You write alot but also manage to write so little – some acomplishment!! I doubt MON would write articles your way if it makes you feel better – but I bet he write better articles if required. You’ll be choking on your mincy little statements come the seasons end and I warn you now that we all have long memories so write in haste and repent in leisure….I have one request – please write a balanced article pointing out positives and negatives, name names and formations…but most of all, please stop these BORING articles…you aint convincing anyone. Give my regards to Steve Bruce by the way.

  • Correct me if I am wrong but as i remember it one of the main reasons that MON only had one summer closed season signing was because he was totally unaware of the current squad capabilities and the fact that any availible monies were to come from a very reluctant Deadly or a loan type affair from Randy.
    Please AVC48, have your opinion but don’t continually twist the facts to suit your pessimistic outlook.

  • If you read the last interview MON did before leaving for the States he said that he carefully considers any potential signings before moving for them, and that he had done his homework on his targets and he is in the process of trying to bring them in. He also stated several times that he is looking to bolster the defence and it is common knowledge that this includes a goalkeeper, as we have already given a trial to one. MON has also clearly stated that he wants a right back. Whilst in America he stated that he wants all of his signings done before the Liverpool game. I believe he will try to do this, backed by Randy, not because I am a blind optimist but because they have delivered on everything else they said they would. I do not expect us to be able to walk all over any teams in the prem regardless where they finished last year, but I expect us to give a good account of ourselves against every team we face and I believe we will win more than we lose and I base this on the last 9 games of last season when the team really started to gel as well as the new signings already made. By the way, I don’t think we have a dodgy defence, Olly is solid and dependable, Laursen when fit is one of the best around, Freddy came on leaps and bounds last year, Tommy S. isn’t the worst ‘keeper ever so all we really need is a quality right back, in other words we are missing one player from 5 positions so how does that make us dodgy? In your article you refer to boo boys. These must be the type of fans who have a negative agenda, limited patience and tolerance towards their team, people who get on their team’s backs when things don’t quite go accordinng to how they think it should. Remind you of anybody?……………..

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