Date: 15th May 2007 at 1:15pm
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Villa miss out on a UEFA cup place via the ballot of fair play clubs.

Mr J Fear will no doubt expand on this when he returns from having his hair permed.


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  • Now I really really need cheering up today has been a really bad day. 1st The Man U players didn’t turn up in my town to sign autographs then the girl I was meeting never turned up and now this WHAT NEXT

  • Looking on the positive side of things – missing out could be a good thing. We’ve drawn up a competitive pre-season plan – something we didn’t have last summer, and if we had been pulled out of the hat it could have been a hindrance to our preparation for next season. I believe we would have had to play 2 qualifying rounds before getting into the 1st rnd proper? So there’s not much difference between the intertoto route / fair play. Looking back at the season that followed our intertoto campaign, we started well and looked sharp, but it turned out to be a long season and results suffered. So heads up – we’ve still got plenty to look forward to over the next 12 months, and being realistic, with a few additions to the current squad I feel to can emulate 5th place Spurs’ tally of 60pts this season. Up the Villa!

  • Hi guys,Thomas Cook Bullring Middle Mall Birmingham (0845 308 9148) can get you into Europe………He he he…!!

  • It is sad that Villa’s only hope of playing in Europe next season was through the fair play league.

  • Don’t worry Deano, Berbatov will be joining Chelsea (he would if he had any sense) muhaha

  • Villa have no European football – good. It is too soon. As for Spurs, they have no CL football so can’t attract anybody decent. Have a look at their site – it is like Groundhog Day – “We need a left winger – which one, Barry, Pedersen, Taylor, Nani?” – “Should we sell Defoe or not?” – same old crap every day of the week. For those of us who remember 2nd in the Prem, 5th is a bit pathetic as your best finish.

  • Just ignore him. He’s *****ting it cuz Villa will be 6th next year. MON in his first year has seen the Villa improve on their final position by 5 places. The same next year will put us in 6th. The same the year after…. Champions any one!?

  • Funny really, Spurs spent £40m this year to end up with less points than last year, spent £20m the previous season and £25m the season before that. They claim they are contenders for CL football but after spending £85m in 3 years are still scrapping for Uefa football.

  • Hoss, they will not get any better with Jol in charge, he just hasn’t got the ability. What the supporters would give for MON. Also, the board is more interested in making money when they can – ala Carrick. If somebody wants to pay £30m they will accept it for Berbatov. Most of the cash has been wasted on gambles that haven’t paid off. We should use them as an example of what NOT to do. Quality not quantity is the key to start with.

  • Just to correct you on a few points; Spurs have spent £67 million in the past 3 years and have got around £60 million back, where did you get a figure of £85 million from? And CLVilla, “As for Spurs, they have no CL football so can’t attract anybody decent”, with no European football whatsoever what good players do Villa expect to attract, IDIOT.

  • OAL – fell at the last hurdle again my friend. Has your season been any better than last? Spurs have no CL footie which most importantly (for your team) means Berbatov will move to a bigger and more successful club OneAshleyYoung

  • How many times does it need to be said that Berbatov is going no where in the summer before you believe it. First Martin Jol come out and said he is staying, then Berbatov’s agent said the same thing and no more than two days ago Berbatov himself said that he will reject a move away from Spurs. In his own words, “I hope next season we can challenge this ‘Big Four’, like you say in England”. He already rejected Man U once in favour of Spurs so why would he go there now. Jealousy.

  • I personally hope Berbatov stays at Spurs, if everyone keeps selling their best players to Utd and Chavski the league will end up like Scotland, and surely none of us want that?

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