Date: 26th December 2006 at 5:21pm
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The manager is having to stick up for the Chairman and new owner despite nothing happening!

That is the one problem with not talking to the press and being clear, rumours start and those rumours become ‘fact’ as they make print.

O’Neill commented on one strange question: ‘There’s work being done in the background – but who knows whether that materialises or not? I think the chairman wants to do something, no doubt about that. I was asked a question last week, about Randy Lerner failing to come up with the promises. Excuse me – there has been no time to do that because there’s been no period to do anything. And actually it’s not true because he was the one, coming in very late, who said: ‘Let’s try to get James Milner.’ after we’d signed Stiliyan Petrov.’

‘I might not be able to get the quality of player in January – that’s my only concern. The rest does not concern me.’

I can understand people being sceptical or sitting on the fence and waiting to see, we’ve had so many promises over the years from the previous regime that now people want to see action – and in my belief we’ve seen about as much action as possible judging by the transfer window closing just at the point O’Neill and Randy rolled into town – but I’m not sure I can understand some of the negativity or the suggestion that Randy hasn’t fulfilled his promises.

Do we really think Randy, or indeed Martin O’Neill, who is a canny bugger, would go to the press and say we’ve got £x to spend and thus inflate any potential transfer targets price by 50%?

Thought not.


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  • They ran this same article on another ‘fan site’ and this borders on the verge of stupidity…Lerner has delivered on everything so far, he’s invested in the training ground, started renovating the surrounding area’s to Villa Park, invited back Ron Saunders, and organised free travel to games for fans. I’m pretty sure that he would have signed some playes had this transfer window not been in place…..

  • agree with both, some will never be happy, some will look for a story where there isn’t one and yes, I think it is a bang on certainty money would have been spent if not for the transfer window, if not why would they be bothering to improve Bodymoor for the ‘bigger named’ players? Just got to be patient, I’m happy with 10th, of course I’d rather we were 3rd but 10th is a damn site better than last season and at least we now know we are building?

  • To be fair, after 20 games last season, Villa had only three less points and were only three places lower in the table. They had won the same number of games…

  • We’re doing alright for a tired team of pros sprinkled with some untried youngsters. When the money comes, and it will, Villa will be challenging the big boys. As previously stated, though, some people will never be happy.

  • But look at the difference in the quality of play then and now…if you could only add goals to that!

  • Surely “when” the money comes in should be “if”. Forgive me for being cynical, but it’s fair enough given what we are used to, but surely we should be waiting for actions rather than words. I hope the owners put as much money into the transfer market as they do into trying to convince the fans they are “cool”!

  • Every thing done so far has been brill i think, do these people prefer ellis or something, if we spend about 10 mil in jan i will be happy.

  • The press stiring the shyt again, I posted earlier in the week about the press giving off negative vibes because the Chairman wont play their game. ***** em off, Alex Ferguson has in the past banned jurnos who have given him a hard time. >>>’There’s work being done in the background – but who knows whether that materialises or not?<<< Is a very honest answer to a question from someone keeping their cards close to their chest.....

  • I think the quality of play is about the same as last season and we look back to normal after the honeymoon period. MON is making the same sounds as O Leary did as regards to a small squad and needing to strenghten, the only difference now is we have a board that will so it should be interesting to see who we get in. On the footballing side so far though I dont think we look much better than O’Learys side at all.

  • Agreed, have no idea what people were expecting, IMHO there is no way you can compare the team now with the same one last year, the team look better and more confident, going behind last season used to wipe us out, this season it seems to make them more determined, they have fight in them, just need more of a finishing touch, a few additions in Jan and Moore and Co to get game fit and we’ll be good for the second half of the season. and fans already doubting the new owners???????? wonders will never cease, read the boards, see what they are doing, go on the forum and look at the generals thread, I couldn’t believe it, it’s unheard of, Randys right hand man is talking to us the fans, read him then pass judgement, I am more than impressed with the new owners and the manager, and I believe wholeheartedly that it is a fact of MON persuading players that they want to be a part of the next BIG club, if he does that, Randy will sign the cheque. UTV

  • Winging fans have always been a problem at Villa Park. probably always will be. To see the resolve of the new board it is only necessary to seperate the off field, which could be tackled, from the on-field which could not. The off field stuff is progressing exteremely well and will no doubt get even more interesting once the new CEO is in place. Attention can now switch to on-field. But for heavens sake remember Villa are not the only club striving to improve. I sometimes wonder what the moaners have achieved themselves in their own life to give them the right to criticise people with the best interests of the club at heart.

  • Rome, as they say was not built in a day. what i read into this article regarding ”There’s work being done in the background – but who knows whether that materialises or not?’ is maybe that we have potential targets for january, but until the window opens, he wont know if they will come or not. other than that, the media have won, here we are speculating that MOn and mr lerner haven’t done what they said they would. lets face it, we are a team that have a couple of genuinely good internationals (Barry and olof), some potential brilliance (gabby, luke, davis, cahill,etc) and the rest are either injury prone or squad members at the best. with what we have currently, we are a mid-table team that have been excelling for the majority of the season so far, the ‘honeymoon’ period ends and we find ourselves in…..midtable!!. come january we will sign players who can take us to the next step, challenging for the uefa , we will then sign players to help us compete in that competition and then after that we look at the players needed for the champions league. its not going to happen overnight, its going to take a few years. screw the media, the true fans know the score and we know we’ve got it good and its only going to get better. for the first time in years were looking at the teams in front instead of those behind us. oh, and while i’m at it, did everyone have a good christmas?

  • The fact that this is even being talked about just amazes me. Perhaps if the the coffin dodger hadn’t done his usual, and upset Randy in their first meeting, the takeover would have gone through a lot sooner and given the new board chance to spend money on players. Are these short-sighted idiots whingeing about the new owners, the same short-sighted idiots that refused to send their share certificates back? I fail to see how Randy could have done anymore. He’s backed MON for Petrov and Milner (is it Randy’s fault Newcastle changed their minds?), he’s paid wages and signing on fees for Sutton and Agathe, started work on Bodymoor, got Ron Saunders back, consulted with suppoerters. What more can the man do? IMO he’s been more constructive in his time in charge than Ellis has been in the last 20 years. Lion Dog, how have the new owners been trying to convince everyone they’re “cool”? I think, given the fact that he has already spent £8m on Petrov (the biggest transfer fee since Angel, I think), we can be certain that the chairman is prepared to back his manager

  • Can’t agree more with Bobbyfett & geordie_villa, things take time and at least villa now has a promising future under MON & RL. We need to get through this season and mid table is a realistic position to finish. MON then needs to build on it from there. I think there are a few villa fans out there who need to be a bit more positive, get behind MON & RL and not expect miracles!!

  • Nice to see the same excuses on here pre-empting the possibility Lerner may not give O’Neill or O’Neill may not be up to dealing well enough come January.
    Excuses aside, O’Neill has repeatedly said we are desperate for players to improve the squad size, yet the excuse makers ignore this.
    I keep hearing about all the money spent in the club yet none of it would buy any of our players even those on a free we seemingly can’t drop off the wage bill quick enough.

    Some still propagate everything is great on the field, having spent on Sutton’s, Agathe’s and especially Petrov’s transfer and wages, we are 3 points better off than during the ‘worst season in Villa history’.

    yet, even mildly criticise O’Neill, even suggest Lerner may not be giving up as much money as some hope and you become a pariah.

    Speaking with some past Villa players who are now pundits you’d be amazed at how brainless and gutless they think many Villa fans have become since the takeover.

    I agreed with them too.

  • Does it make us brainless and gutless to believe in our new owners and management? Does it make us brainless and gutless to UNDERSTAND that miracles do not happen overnight? Does it make us brainless and gutless to stand behind our club and support them through thick and thin, I think not. I think it makes you a real fan, and one with more than two brain cells to rub together. UTV

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