Date: 8th March 2006 at 3:11pm
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RIGHT. Just who is lying to who here? (Or is it to whom?!).

David O’Leary said at the weekend that Gary Cahill wasn’t going to be able to make his Premiership bow against Portsmouth because he wasn’t ‘match fit’ despite reports earlier saying he was going to make his debut due to our defensive crisis.

However reports in the Birmingham Mail today say something quite different. In fact it implies that the centre back was given an ultimatum by David O’Leary to sign a new contract or be withdrawn from the squad. Cahill apparently refused to be blackmailed and hence wasn’t played.

The quicker the club issue a statement on this matter the better, because IF O’Leary has lied about this, on top of the constant moaning about the board, the players, the fans and everyone else apart from himself, it really is time for him to be run out of Villa Park with his tail between his legs.

According to the report Cahill has 16 months left on his current deal but is looking for improved terms. O’Leary said Cahill was ‘not match fit’ for the Portsmouth match after a week earlier suggesting he would play.

Over to the club to clear this up.


8 Replies to “‘Unrealistic Fans’ Lied To?”

  • Let’s get this straight from the start. Cahill wasn’t match fit. We weren’t lied to. We weren’t told the whole story, but for keeping an internal contract dispute private, O’Leary should not be criticised.

    Also, O’Leary had, it seem, two option for

  • Think we need to wait for the club to clear this one up. If he has lied then ……….. ?

  • Lets just wait and see what comes out from the club tomorrow. I’m sure DOL will tell us one thing and then maybe another the day after 😉

  • Beyond caring who is doing the lying these days, it is such a regular occurrence. One mightily disillusioned FL

  • Everything that has come out of VP over recent seasons, let alone weeks, has been lies, lies, and more lies. From the boardroom down, through now possibly the manager, we are outright lied to, told mistruths, and completely and utterly deceived. Mind you,

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