Date: 13th August 2017 at 9:13am
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Steve Bruce looking crushed after the woeful performance by Aston Villa away to Cardiff City

He looks broken doesn`t he? What is it with Villa and leaving managers shattered? I guess the one answer is not bringing in the right managers?

Steve Bruce admits he`s not been able to address the away record and how disappointing that is personally to him.

He strangely thinks we were in the game up to around the 30th minute. We truly weren`t. We were in it for the first 10 odd minutes and then our team just went into hiding again.

As Steve says, ‘it`s alarming`.

He also admits he can`t remember a team of his being so badly overturned in the championship before and that the Villa players didn`t work enough at all.

He does at least once again recognise the fantastic support. 5000 at Cardiff City and he says he`s not given enough for us to shout about.

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6 Replies to “Video – Steve Bruce Looking ‘Broken’ After Cardiff Spanking”

  • Newspaper headlines “Warnqock’s unknowns make a name for themselves”……..”Neil Warnock on the Cardiff City man who ripped Aston Villa apart” says it all really. We should be ripping this league apart!

  • No matter how good your players are, if the manager don’t know how to build a team out of them,your in trouble, its sometimes easier for a manager who has no money to buy players, then he has to make good what he’s got, Cardiff don’t have the money we do,

  • Steve, for your own wellbeing and that of your family walk away. You have given us your best and you show that you care. Jobs don’t always work out for the best but that doesn’t mean you won’t be successful elsewhere. Take some time out and get your mojo

  • An amazing following, an awful performance.Steve Bruce knows what it takes to get promoted out of the Championship.Aston Villa have only had one season in this format,by that I mean the Championship,a Premiership club certainly by all standards,an amazing

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