Date: 28th February 2010 at 8:48pm
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Well that settles that then, according to the Oracle that is Red Card Dodging Vidic, Phil my boots Dowd got it spot on today.

Speaking to SSN after picking up his shiny medal and doing his best to ignore camera replays, the Serbian commented coyly:

‘I think nothing about the red card, I didn’t think I would get it to be honest.’

He then continues to say in pure Wengerest speak:

‘I will need to see it because sometimes you don’t see so well in the game. (he missed it, did he play with his eyes closed?!?!)’

He does however amazingly admit he didn’t think he’d get a red card because in his mind:

‘I got in front of him, not behind. If I had then yes.’

Presumably if he’d got behind it would’ve been a red card…I await the next appeal, I took him from the lower quadrant therefore I shouldn’t have even been booked. Assassins can use this – I shot him with the sun behind me therefore it’s not murder. What’s the old freeman law…you can shoot a Welshman gone midnight as long as you face a clock tower as long as you use a bow and arrow???

Vidic….the DICKins of our age ladies and gentlemen! Oscar Wilde and Eric ‘the seagull’ Cantona can’t hold a candle to this geek.

Then again if he’s sure a professional foul only warrants a red card if you are behind somebody, then he probably has a better grasp on the law than most referees so I can’t fault him for that.

Beach ball to Liverpool anyone???

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