Date: 10th October 2005 at 8:19pm
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Aston Villa
1 – 1

Villa Park


Attendance: 33 686

Well slap my thigh and call me Jehovah, I enjoyed that. Lets face it, that should be the main thing, to come out of the ground feeling you’ve enjoyed the game, had some entertainment and seen your team have a fair go? So why Mondays performance? Gawd alone knows, I guess all teams have off days and that was just a very bad day at the office. With away form that bad, and if we truly have ambitions to qualify for Europe, we really need to win our home matches; but sodding the bigger picture of the league, yesterday was just good fun.

Villa had shamed themselves Monday, looked from the start that they wanted to go some way to correcting the shame because they were the quickest to the ball and although Tottenham were trying to pass the ball better and were getting most of the possession, we popped up with a lovely goal on 3 odd minutes and the teams nerves just seemed to evaporate. A great move from Baros, resulting with him stopping, looking up and passing to Milner, bish bash bosh, 1-0. The excellent Robinson had no chance.

Baros continued to impress throughout the game, whoever said he never looks up and passess were either wrong or Baros heard them and corrected that flaw in his game. He looks quality and I’m delighted he is a Villan. Milner also impressed, he tackles like they used to – hard and fast – and has a great shot on him. Bloody shame we are just ‘keeping him warm’ for Newcastle, this lad should have been purchased.

As for Spurs, they really disappointed me, I had hoped to see Davids play, but he was injured, Jenas was invisible and the only player to really get credit was Paul Robinson. DOL was so right when he suggested we buy him, he truly is Englands No1. As much as we judge DOL on what we have now, we shouldn’t forget who we could have had! Still, Sorenson was back to good form as well and saved a poorly taken penalty after Freddy mystifyingly hand balled in the box. Sorenson guessed the right direction and made the save.

Angel was denied twice by Robinson and Berger saw a shot saved that really should have been buried. Villa in the second half did start to defend too deeply and I would be shocked if Spurs didn’t have the lions share (gerrit?) of possession. But until Keane came on – and lets face it Keane loves scoring against us! – they didn’t really look that likely. There was an incident when Ridgewell hit the Spurs crossbar only for Spurs to break down the other end and hit ours. I forget which of their players also missed a sitter, but we were all thankful he did. Shame that Keane was brought on and even more of a shame he gatecrashed the party by scoring, but f*** ing hell, what a goal. How that lad can’t command a regular place in a team is beyond me, his skill graces any field.

All in all, a draw wasn’t a terrible result, but in truth Villa could have, and perhaps should of had the game done and dusted by half time.

Player Ratings

Sorenson 7
Thank you, if you can play like that then lets have no more of the performances like against West Ham.

Mellberg 6
Better, not back to best.

Ridgewell 5
He’s going to get sent off or give away penalties this season, he practically took Defoes top off and pushes players away too visibly.

Hughes 7
Does the simple things and does them well.

Bouma 6
Still finding his feet, not up to Prem speed, but showed some great skills going forward, very promising. Crazy pen to give away though.

Berger 6
Didn’t command the game like he can and should have scored, but made a great contribution and will improve as he gains fitness and understanding with the rest of the team.

Barry 6
Think that could be his best position, defensive holding midfielder. Like it.

Davis 6.5
Much better against a passing team, got stuck in, good engine on him. He’ll get better and better.

Millner 7
Energy, aggression, goal. Cool!

Angel 6
Better than most of last season, couple of good shots well saved.

Baros 8
See star player.

Manager Rating
Shook the pack slightly and got a draw.

Opponent Rating
Not sure Spurs are looking as good as they should considering the money they have spent.

Entertainment 8
Thoroughly enjoyed that game, most entertaining! Spurs on the other hand, with only 1 win in 19 at Villa Park, might not have enjoyed it quite so much.

Star Player

Baros 8, man of the match, exciting, quick and a real threat. Doesn't half get kicked about during games though.


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  • Thoroughly enjoyed that game, most entertaining! Spurs on the other hand, with only 1 win in 19 at Villa Park, might not have enjoyed it quite so much.

  • Thoroughly enjoyed that game, most entertaining! Spurs on the other hand, with only 1 win in 19 at Villa Park, might not have enjoyed it quite so much.

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