Date: 24th October 2006 at 8:32pm
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With plenty of talk already about transfer expectations its obvious even the Messiah has no real idea what he will be given to spend or whether he’s confident he’ll be able to bring in the sort of player he wants as he says they might be involved in Europe and not too keen to come to a failing Midland club until the summer.

Wise words. he knows much more than he’s letting on of course and is continuing to play down expectations of most fans.

Personally his past record at Villa is more than enough to suggest his ideas on suitable choices is ‘old fashioned’ and a careful analysis of both his tactics and purchases past and present suggest much the same.

Petrov he bought as a promising kid and grew with him. When he departed from Celtic Petrov stayed but much of his form departed too. He joins Villa in a blaze of glory against West Ham, and has gone backwards, both in team position and form since.

Sutton is an atypical O’Neill transfer, a quality player with a dodgy past on and off the field, who he puts faith in and turns into something like the talent he is. Since O’Neill left Celtic, he’s not uprooted many trees and moved to Blues where after a few decent looking performances he gets ‘injured’. On the ropes again O’Neill snaps him up, and with the shortage of players, having allowed, Phillips, DLC and others to go, it could be a decent short term idea. So far he still looks overweight, under fit and far from able to offer anything useful. He does of course enable O’Neill to play his favourite system, personally I’m not that impressed.
Lastly we have Agathe, another unknown turned into a demon right midfield/fullback at Celtic whose speed bailed their defence out repeatedly and whose crossing ability enabled a big heavy centre forward to bruise his way to plenty of goals.

Since O’Neill left he’s gone backwards and his few performances since joining Villa haven’t shown much sign he’s got much in the locker to open Premiership defences, even poor ones as Fulham’s left side was, its early yet of course but the indications look poor.

We are short on talent, past the basic 15 team members, my expectation for January isn’t as high as some, O’Neill’s latest comments on Sky support this, he’s certainly not giving the impression that he sees it likely that the real talent we need to push on will be his bag.

My real problem here is, that to do with the available talent, or his reticence to buy the sort of player the modern successful team needs. There are only so many ex Celtic players left and whilst it can be a good policy to buy out of favour players and inspire them, that policy is very limited.

Its good for teams aiming for mid table security, but for teams looking to break free from the Ellis years, no way.

We’ll see.



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  • “”break free from the Ellis years”” this I feel has already been done by the club and more Importantly by the Supporters.

  • No Villa haven’t
    The residue of the Ellis years is still there and will take some time to be fully purged, sadly.
    The small squad alone is testament to that, to say nothing of the quality level within it

  • there is bound to be residue from the ellis years, it was years worth of stuff! and you know that vibrations hang around, seep into the walls, deadly leaving his spray in dark corners. but! the change has begun, and come january it will progress further.

  • im not sure what you were expecting….o’neal joined with two weeks to go in the transfer mkt and a takeover in progress therfour no matter how much you paint over it, financial restrictions and timescale worked against any real impact in the transfer mkt

  • i reckon we were extremely lucky to get those 3 players, if thay can provide cover for the rest oif the season fora few games then so beit.

  • I think it is going to be fascinating when the Jan transfer window opens and more importantly perhaps the summer transfer window, to see exactly the sort of players that MON will target. If we get the mix right of established stars as well as the best of

  • Thats more like it avfc48 a good old fashioned dose of pessimism, THAT is what Ellis left us, the chosen one picked up a team that had failed to produce hardly any decent football last season, with no time to get to know the players and no money, club str

  • Hail the Messiah steff, praise be the untouchable, all is well in the land of fairies and prozac poppers.
    In reality we are just managing to get bye, most, including O’Neill, see we have been awful including a poor performance against a mid table Champio

  • avfc48 if you dont like the current state of the club how do you think it can (could have been) improved??

  • The fickleness of you Villa fans never ceases to amaze me and AVFC48 typifies that. You all need to stop living in the past and get a grip on reality. Yes Ellis was the worst thing that has ever happened to Villa… the success on the pitch whilst he was

  • There is no way that all fans will agree on everything. That is a simple fact. However the easiest thing to be, is a critic when you do not offer alternatives. avfc48 you may say your views are one of a realist, but your facetious attitude is certainly no

  • What I’m enjoying is the fact we are just at the start of the ‘new adventure’ and despite the fact not all our displays have been mind blowing, we are picking up points with largely the same team as last year. I think that shows what a good manager can d

  • Increduluos is a word i don’t use often but some of the above comments plainly make me feel it! Petrov is the midfield dynamo that we always needed. A kind of McCann with the ability to pass. Agathe plainly needs fitness as does Sutton but all 3 have impr

  • It would appear that my response to avfc48 has vanished, I thought my comments were fair Jon, don’t you?? they were certainly heart felt, Lol. UTV

  • Jeez, you’re one pessimistic individual avfc48. Its early days in the revolution. Enjoy. Things will get a lot better than we’ve known or experienced in years. Why so miserable?

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