Date: 31st May 2007 at 11:25am
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Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear. Lisa Smith, Villa correspondent for the Post, says that Joey Barton might be heading to Villa Park.

The midfielder, who is being forced out of Manchester City after yet another bust up, is apparently keen on linking up with Martin O’Neill.

On the one hand we’d get a very good – not to mention nasty snarling – player. The type we’ve missed for a while. On the other hand, we’d also land ourselves with an out and out yob. I guess if anyone can sort him out, it would be Martin O’Neill, or Big Sam who is also linked with wanting the player for Newcastle United.

Barton beat up team-mate Ousmane Dabo and was suspended.

The Post quote a family friend as saying:

‘Joey is a talented player and is attracting a lot of interest from clubs including Newcastle, Villa and his own boyhood team Everton, as well as Middlesbrough, Celtic and Portsmouth.’

I guess if he is available for a low fee, he is bound to attract interest and managers always think they’ll be the one to calm a wild player down, if they can he could be a great signing, but…. but…. but….

The Vital Newcastle site put it well when they said: Psychopath link and it looks like their fans aren’t keen on the idea of him playing for them either!

His crimes according to the Newcastle editor:

1) Now then, now then – stubbing out a cigar in teammate James Tandy’s eye at the clubs’ Xmas bash. Barton was dressed as Sir Jimmy Saville at the time.
2) Far East Furore – Alleged to have assaulted a 15 year old Everton fan whilst on tour in Asia during pre-season.
3) Blue Moon – Bared his arse at Goodison Park following abuse from the Toffee’s fans.
4) Taxxiiiiii – Arrested for assault and criminal damage in a dispute with a taxi driver. (He is still on bale for this)
5) Decking Dabo – Suspended by City at the end of last season for attacking Ousmane Dabo during a training session. Fled the country with scumbag agent Willy McKay.

The family friend continues in the Post:

‘he has told his family that he is really most interested in moving to either Villa with O’Neill or Newcastle with Big Sam because he feels they are both good man managers who will give him the support he needs. He has a clause in his contract which says any club prepared to come in with a bid for at least £5.5 million can talk to him so we will have to see what happens.’

Right, so we have to pay £5.5million for a bag full of trouble then our manager has to ‘support’ him. Ok…. ahem.

And this will really sell him to the Villa and Newcastle fans: ‘Joey is a Blue, an Everton fan by heart but he is not sure how the fans would take to him there after he ‘mooned’ at supporters in the Premiership clash at Goodison earlier last season. Life is rough for Joey at the moment. He cannot go out in Liverpool or Manchester at all because there is always a fan waiting to have a pop at him and he is basically living like a recluse apart from the odd game of golf.’

Stop it, stop it, I’m weeping.

The flip side, according to this family friend, is that Joey only reacted to being pushed ‘three times in the face and only lashed out in the end to defend himself.

Adding, ‘He just wants to settle down, play the football we all know he is capable of and get himself a regular place in the England team.’

Barton has so far been capped just once, making an appearance as a substitute in England’s 1-0 defeat at the hands of Spain in February.

But his family believe he would be an international regular if he could settle down and let his football do the talking.

So, what do you reckon, can we tame the yob and end up with a good player – lets face it, we’ve not had a nasty type who can get the game by the scruff of the neck for many a long year, or would we be bringing in a bag full of trouble?

Most things I can excuse, I was never a saint when I was young, but stubbing a cigar in a young lads eye? No thanks, not the sort of person I could clap or cheer as a Villa man.

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30 Replies to “Villa & A Bagfull Of Barton Trouble?”

  • I have to say if he could settle down he would be brilliant,but I can’t see us getting him,I think Everton will get him.

  • i think barton is immense. we need that sort of player who tackles hard and gets you some goals. i also feel that what he said about o’neil shows that he wants to play for us and the manager. £5.5 mill en that much especially as you consider parker going to west ham for £8.5 mill

  • he told O’Neill to feck orf earlier in the season, was quite funny, didn’t think it went down well with O’Neill though. I’m really mixed on the guy. If he grew up and settled down, he could be immense, but ….

  • Well, Barton’s got a lot to prove. And that’s, er, the only positive spin I can put on this news!

  • This is the same Lisa Smith that reported Matthew Taylor being in talks with the Villa? Believe it when i see it.

  • The Bimingham papers rumours are normally alot more reliable then the nationals/websites, I have absolutely no doubt that we are in for him and that we enquired about Matt taylor, no smoke without fire as they say…..

    On Barton, he is the type of player we need, if only he wasnt a psyco, i would be happy to give him a chance as he is quality

  • he is a nutter but then we have carew who beat up riise we have mellberg who fought 2wice wid ljundberg and we are strongly linke wid bellamy who is well as well know a riise beater. barton is class tho and i think martin can rane him in plus we would be feared by other clubs and hav an edge. something we really dont have about now.POSITIVES:class player, english, scores goals, hard tackler NEGATIVES: liable to beat the *****e out of an opponent or our own player. (so wat) VERDICT go for it!

  • The type of player we need, but not the type of person. I would rather spend the extra and get Scott Parker. However, if MON could tame him and get the best out of him he would be a bargain. Awesome. Not sure though. Jury out.

  • As a Leeds fan…I’d say your club needs someone that really sticks the boot in and would be ideal for you guys, much better than that Sunderland pansy anyway! I’d take him at Leeds any day regardless of his off-field antics. If in duobt we could have always fined him and therefore…saved a bit of cash 🙂

  • Lisa Smith doesnt know her arse from her elbow, boro have already publicly stated they have no interest in Barton for financial reasons. nice research Lisa.

  • Now this is a rumour that probably has a lot more substance to it than many of the other supposed rumours that are doing the rounds concerning MON and his targets. As many of us would no doubt agree, good footballer with the genuine ability to naturally influence a game, so on that level he would appear to be an outstanding signing, particularly at the price quoted. Its that excessive baggage that comes with him though. Would he leave that behind up in Manchester? A gamble, but maybe a gamble worth taking.

  • If we are going to buy somebody from Man City, what about Micah Richards.Quality. Now that would signal our intentions! That might be a little bit optimistic, but why not go for it?

  • on the villa web the rumour watch page, it says that were linked with lahm and nigel de jong… it would be class if we could get de jong from hamburg he’s going for only £2 million he’s good holding midfielder and a dutch international

  • At least he would be a new signing as we are already lagging behind the Spuds, Pompee and Wet Sham!

  • Villa need a player with big knackers to grip the midfield, Barton could be that player, I wonder why some players carry so much baggage that it puts more emphasis on their need to perform and can lead to their downfall on the pitch trying to prove themselves all over again.

  • The boy is a quality footballer and that has never been in doubt.Someone who can run a game and is a born winner, gives his all until the final whistle.He has the temperment that Roy Keane, Wayne Rooney, Craig Bellamy have.You can’t get it from the training field, you are born with it.If he wants a fresh start from the northwest wants to settle down with his missus have some kids and be part of the Villa revolution, I for one think if he puts his energy just into his football we would have a dynamo!Gav is getting on a bit now and we need some steel!

  • krfeskivilla – I’d never want Richards at Villa coz A) He’s a Blues fan and errr…. B) He’s a Balues fan

  • Bring in Barton now! This lad is quality and just the sort of player we need. He would be a fantastic player and a real bargain at just over £5m. Forget about his off field antics, the saviour will sort him out. As has been said already, Barton, Bellamy and big John would be formidable.

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