Date: 22nd April 2006 at 5:50pm
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All hail Dougy Ellis. Aston Villa today became the proud holders of the ‘Kings of the Midlands’ title. The once MIGHTY Aston Villa have 39 points from 35 games and with the Blues drawing (v Everton) and the Baggies losing (v Newcastle) Villa are safe from the season long relegation threat that has haunted us.

Blues have just two games left and although they can catch us on points if we lose our remaining three games (Manchester City, Liverpool and Sunderland) there is no way they will reduce their -21 goal difference to our fantastic tally of -11.

I’d imagine the Small Heath faithful are delighted with the 6 points they’ve given us this year, thanks lads – made the world of difference.

The relegation scrap is now between West Bromwich Albion, who on 29 points and with just two games left look to be doomed, Birmingham City and Portsmouth. Pompey are in the driving seat after a late surge from Harry Houdini’s men.

17: Pompey, -24, 35 points
18: Small Heath, -21, 33 points
19: Baggies, -26, 29 points
20: Sunderland, already gone.

So, now we are safe, can we please have:

a) A Herbert Douglas Ellis departure, whether he sells or not, he should stand down as chairman and at most remain as a non-exec.
b) The ‘supposed’ interested groups to bid for the biggest sleeping giant in the league now our safety is ensured
c) An apology from David O’Leary for having a go at the fans and a letter of resignation would also be welcomed by many.


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  • Well if we lose all our games, 2-0, and b-lose win theirs 2-0 then that gives us -16 andthem -17… it’s still too close fo me

  • It makes you feel really proud to be relying on a draw at home against the worst team in premiership history to be safe. I used to think that if was just a small part of the club that was rotten (that you Herbert). Now I’m starting to wonder how far the c

  • Fear you always look on the bright side mate, and I love you for it. You honestly believe we will get a point against Sunderland? This is Aston Villa we are talking about.

  • Always look on the bright side of life…la la, la la la laaaaa! I agree ooah, we should be ‘proud’ especially relying on teams being worse than us rather than us being good enough, but hey, lets take what we’ve got and hope for better things vital dudes

  • Just utterly pathetic sums up this season in my opinion, and major changes need to (but wont) take place for a certain level of enthusiasm to return, this club is slowly heading towards a nasty end unless serious investors are found. Doug is right to try

  • I’m dreading next season, because over the last few years we’ve got progressively worse and we’re now at the worst position in the league (more or less) without being relegated. Will there be 3 or more accommodating teams to keep us up then? Looking on th

  • The sad part about it is that the very obvious reaction to this disastrous season will be the sacking of the management team, leaving in control at the VP helm the no.1 reason for the clubs decline over the past ten seasons. Do I believe that we need a ne

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