Date: 8th August 2009 at 1:27am
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Habib Beye has classed his move to Villa as a great step in his career. However, he is not eligible for tomorrow’s friendly against Fiorentina.

Now this can be taken two ways.

I’ll deal with the silly one to begin with.

For a 31 year old player there aren’t many steps left in their career, so for anyone assuming he wants to go onto bigger and better things should reassess their cynicism.

As the doom monger I am, a great step in this sense means he has joined a big club, with fantastic support, and a desire to achieve.

He says as much by using the Newcastle ‘big club’ soundbyte BUT acknowledges their problems.

We are a step forward for him in more ways than one.

Speaking on the official site, our new signing who is most likely a replacement for Luke Young given his injury (ignoring other rumours) said:

‘I think Villa is a great football club.

‘I was really happy when my agent told me Villa were interested. I just said ‘get it done.’ I wanted to sign for this club.

‘It’s going to be great working for Martin O’Neill because Villa have a great team. I am so proud now to play here.

‘It was important for me to stay in the Barclays Premier League and am really happy I have with Villa.

‘Newcastle are a massive club but everybody knows the problems at the moment. But I think joining Villa is a great step for me.

‘I signed my contract this afternoon and I am really glad. I now hope I will be successful with Villa.’

Beye gives us options, he can also play centre half which is a position we could do with a bit extra coverage in.

Moreover, given the rumour mill ‘implies’ deals were agreed with Hull and we came in last minute he does sound genuine. Okay, cyncical hat on again there is no choice between us and Hull BUT even allowing for the general ‘play up my new club’ element in signing speeches this goes a little further than we are used to.

No talk of challenging, no talk of winning silverware etc…he just wanted to be here; we are a step up from Newkie and success is relative.

I can only go off what I’ve read from Newkie fans, they are full of praise. That more than does it for me.

3 down, another 6 at least please to go!

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