Date: 2nd September 2007 at 12:04pm
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Had a few nice positive article comments recently, so to counter balance those that are despairing, I thought I’d pick just three as a reminder, Villa are moving forward and in a ‘good place’ right now, headed by some very good people.

Gordonsleftboot said: Back in the 1960’s when we got rid of the Smith regime and as Herbert made his first appearance, we spent Sunday mornings cleaning the terraces and washing hoardings in preparation for the new season.

The excitement was that we had just signed Chico Hamilton and Pat McMahon. Those were the days before the internet and endless chatter that has ensued. Football was relegated to Saturdays to Wednesdays and not thought about too much in between. There is too much endless chatter these days without enough games to generate constant news to support it.

Enjoy the moment – who else remembers the third division and Vic Crowe? Complaining now? – get real.

These are the good times and they are getting better. Randy & Co. are doing a great job – enjoy the ride. Without them we could be heading for more years of oblivion. Now we have hope – and an improving team. 3 players in an England squad? Who can ever remember that before? Plus a load of under 21s. Who can remember that before?

Voiceoftheholte you buy your season tickets because you love the Villa. That means some good times and some bad times. Also a lot of very indifferent times. I am a little disappointed that we haven’t got a right back, but I am happy that we have a nucleus of great English talent, many of it home grown. I would like to have seen SWP join as our right winger but I am happier that we have Ashley Young on the left. He is going to be one of our biggest stars of recent years. We paid £8m and this could go to £9.65 if all the clauses are met. However this will be seen as a bargain as soon as he makes the England left hand side role his own. And he will.

Some fans wanted Spuds fourth choice striker. I am happy giving a centre forward who has played at the highest level (Champions League final) and two home grown lads + Harewood the opportunity to prove if they have what it takes. If they do, Luke and Gabi are potentially worth over £10m each. If they don’t then it is M’ONs job to make improvements. It will take time to repair the wreck of a club that M’ON and Randy took on.

But it is happening. Not to everybody’s liking, But it is happening. I personally agree with the general view that we should have bought before selling, But M’ON has earned the right to do it his way. Like everybody in every job, he will make mistakes, but for some reason some Villa ‘fans’ think that the best way to support something is to criticise it. Very strange. I thought the idea of a ‘supporter’ was to support. If he fails, then like every other manager he faces tough questions. But we have played three games, with some tough ones coming up.

It will be next season before the it should really start to develop. But to moan before that is uncalled for. I always thought people are judged on results. How about enjoying how the season goes and then passing judgement? It seems to me that to many fickle supporters look for an excuse to moan. The famous banner in the previous managers (can’t remember his name) last season was wrong. Many of our fans are fickle. We are Aston Villa. Not the Aston Villa of 25 and 30 years ago. The Aston Villa whose standing in the game has been eroded by years of mismanagement. Unfortunately we are now only Aston Villa in the same way as West Ham are only West Ham and Everton are only Everton and Spuds are only Spuds. Clubs who have been giants in the game but who are now having to play catch up again. Unless you have Abramovich money (and we don’t) it is impossible to turn years of neglect around in a couple of seasons. But it is starting to turn. Unfortunately media pressure and impatience means the less well educated believe we should have it now. Sorry to burst your bubble. Go back to watching Big Brother and leave the football supporting to those who are actually supporters, whether we have got a right back or not.

And Jon.H added:

I have supported Villa all my life and feel more optimistic about the club now than at any time since 1980/1.

We have threatened a revival a number of times since then, under Big Ron, Little and to a lesser extent Gregory but I feel the current regime are the real deal and MON is the best manager we could possibly wish for.

I totally agree with Voice’s first post above, it sums up perfectly where we are and what we are building towards. MON had a right back in mind, presumably Boswinga, and couldn’t get him so held fire until January when he will try again, but in the meantime he has covered the centre back positions to allow Olly to move to right back where he plays for Sweden.

I don’t see too much wrong with this as a short term measure. we are building, we have a pro-active board who put their money where their mouth is, a top manager. In my opinion a substantially improved (in quality terms) squad, marked improvements to the infrastructure of the club and facilities. All this has been achieved in the first year of ownership. If anybody expected any more, you need to get real. No club is guaranteed success but we are giving ourselves far more chance to be successful than at any time in our recent history.

See you at Villa Park this afternoon?


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  • Could not agree more with those articles,the main reason why the transfer window was such torture for me was because I was a bufoon who sat on the internet for the whole summer,our summer was not as exciting as Spuds but now the glamouous bit is over and reality kicks in again and Jol is walking on very thin ice,and most of the players we sold are doing better than ever just look at Bolton.

  • Agreed,we are moving forward.This has to be a good year.If we can get european football at the end of it.And I mean anyway possible,League, Cup or Intertoto we will become a better option to players.There are 35 games left to achieve that.This a journey we are all on whether we like it or not.And we will all have our ups & downs.But the one thing we all have in common is a love for “The Villa”.If you can, get down the ground and lets show the scousers, mancs, geordies and londoners that they have a game on their hands.So ladies and gents “keep yours hands in the ride at all times!!…and shout …if you want us to go faster”…UTV

  • I dont think the we have made are particularly bad and in some cases very good. MON is a very calculated man and manager he sees a target and pursues them until he gets them and occasionally the odd surprise comes into the frame. i am very possitive about the future under thenew regime. We all must remember our stock ins’nt that great at the moment and we need to rebuild our club and that includes our reputation as a club with pertentual to win trophies. After all is said and done we’ve languished in the lower region of thr premiership for a number of years now and its going to take time to rebuild. So please all the negative amongst us think about the job that has been done so far. three or so weeks before last season the best we could hope for was survival. now we have real aspirations for an outside eufa spot maybe even champions league.

  • We seem to be rebuilding in a similsr way to Everton (I hope) and they look outstanding now,their squad is not full of players that will never get a game and their really solid now.There is an article by someone on this site about buying a season ticket because of the promise of world class signings and being let down now and there being empty seats at VP today,this is Villa’s biggest obsticle to making the step up I think,that would never happen at Goodison or Anfield.My father is a Leeds Utd fan and he doesn’t complain as much as me

  • great to hear VOTH back,talks a lot of sense as per usual,always a good read. welcome back mate. UTV

  • Much more like it, always look on the bright side …… We could be in the Blouse position with Bruce commenting after yesterdays loss “there were absolutely no positives to be taken from todays game”.LOL

  • Thank you for putting some common sense back on to this site! The moaning and whining had gone too far. I especially agree with the comments regarding the clubs position as being the best since 80-81, and the fact that too many people spend too much time glued to the internet and tabloid press…..

  • o you have VOTH,you have!! strange there are npt much whingers about tonight though!!! lol. so proud,UTV.

  • I am not sure who it was, but on one of the threads in the last couple of days, someone was going barmy because we hadn’t signed a right back. They said they couldn’t see where the next win was coming from. I think today actually showed that we DO have a lot to be positive about and just how short sighted some supposed fans are.. Maybe the above mentioned person will come on here and admit they were wrong? I won’t hold my breath though. However I think it would be wise to dampen the euphoria from todays win and performance. This will give us confidence but I still insist that this season is just a stepping stone to success. It will not happen this season, although a nice little cup run would be very welcome. M’ON has been in the job 13 months. In another 13 months we really should be able to guage how far he can take us. Plus there was the small matter of 5000 empty seats. Any fan who supported the his pub today by going there instead of to the game should forfeit the right to call themselves a Villa supporter. On a positive note though, there were times when all 4 sides of the ground were giving it some large. I spoke to a couple of Chelsea supporters after and they said it was actually unnerving and intimidating when all 4 sides of the ground were giving it some. More of the same please.

  • Its a results business and MON will get the team performing how he wants it to, with the players he wants to do it. All the whinging about RB and against Chelsea, Melly did a professional job. We’ve got January yet, and when some of the clubs start dropping out of the UEFA Cup and CL, there will be opportunities to grab a couple of more signings. UTV.

  • It was never going to happen overnight. The club that Mr Lerner and Martin inherited was on its knees, going nowhere fast, unless you consider the drop into The Championship as going somewhere. Enough of the negatives, the moaners and the groaners. How many of them actually attend Villa Park on a regular basis? Why was Villa Park not full today? Probably because the doom-merchants were sat at home typing away their depressing words of failure, while listening to internet commentary or following the scores on Sky.

  • An excellent article though. such a refreshing change from the doom and gloom posters who insist on painting a dark, questionable future.

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