Date: 30th November 2006 at 4:07pm
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back to reality

Last nights defeat was maybe the pinch of reality Aston Villa need!

Remember we only have one different signing than the team who struggled to stay up last season. I, like everybody else, have complete faith in Martin O’Neill but what I find more worrying are the attendances!

People who cited reasons like lack of investment will see their argument no longer stands! Then some said they would not go until Ellis went! Well he has gone now! And those that would not go until O’Leary went! Again, where is he?

So where are they now?

Ok we lost last night but we were unbeaten at home and had we won would have been in third place! You cannot criticize the prices either as they are amongst the cheapest in the Premiership!

Perhaps Villa are not as big a club as a lot of people say they are! I am sure MON will be in the transfer market in January but will Randy Lerner be so forthcoming if the fans continue to be so apathetic?

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  • Fan’s will come flooding back for second half of the season, well we have got the top teams then!

  • Christmas does often bring in bumper crowds as well. Awful to see so many empty seats in the Holte though, does the Trinity look half empty as well, I’ve never thought to turn around and look!!!

  • The answer to your question, I suspect, is yes. Suppose gates could be increased by an average of 8,000 per game at an average of £20 per ticket, which may be high after deducting kids tickets, cheap offers and VAT, then an extra £3m plus programme and chip sales would be generated a year. Not enough for half of a Juan Pablo fee. Or just enough to pay say 3 players earning £17k a week before on costs.

    In other words, a nice bit of money but relatively minor compared to the bigger picture.

    The name of the game here is success on the pitch for: increased merchandising home and abroad, increased TV through European games, perhaps pay per view in the States and who knows where else.

    Gate revenue is still important but nowhere near as crucial as it once was. The investment will flow for the bigger gains, though along the way a bit more support, particular to fill the seats shown on the TV screens would help.

  • This has now been done to death. The web site forums are pointless. Actual communication with the club will determine the way ahead. Ultimately we demanded change. Got it. Haven’t backed it up. The fans that do come will suffer because of those that don’t. Eventually we will end up with what we deserve. As we are the club with the second most empty seats I would suggest anything above 19th be viewed as a success.

  • I felt awful yesterday afternoon, wanting to go to the game and being unable to do so. I listened to it on the Villa site and then felt glad I hadn’t been able to go……does that make me a ‘bad’ person?

  • jonah, if you can’t go …… you can’t go. No problems with that. Those that can go, but who choose not, but then start informing everybody where the club is going wrong, what players should be purchased, what tactics and formation we should use, which players are under performing etc. They are the problem.

  • I think we can vouch for you jonah, you aren’t a bad person ;-p that said you have got my cushioned, heated seat with drinks dispenser and pop up umbrella, so who used that last night?!?!?!

  • Yes back to reality with a bump, but id still have taken where we are now at the start of the season. If we can maintain a top six place by January that will be a fantastic bargaining tool in the transfer window. I for one said i would be delighted with a top 10 finish after last season and i aint about to change the goalposts now.

  • storagematt what a strage thing football is, how would it be If Villa were to torpedo the Pompy Destroyer that is in reality a tugboat having a spell of good luck.

  • JF. If you had read your own website you would have seen that I offered it to you…and my buxom blonde serving wench 🙂

  • It wasn’t all doom and gloom Wednesday half season tickets arrived. See you up the upper trinity JF..btw, its your round!!

  • I do think the attendances will improve from December onwards now. I understand they have had a good response to the half season tickets which should see an immediate rise.

  • Without a doubt the attendances that we’ve pulling in have been downright disappointing. Hopefully the half season ticket sales have indeed been selling well, but no doubt most of those have been purchased by folks who have been attending the games already. How do we get back the missing supporters? As things stand I really cant see us ending the season with an average attendance much better than 35,000, and under the circumstances, that will be pretty poor.

  • At least average attendances show an increase on last season. For many clubs, that certainly isn’t the case.

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