Date: 5th May 2009 at 4:38pm
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Ok, that wasn’t the worlds best game, in fact at times it was a bore fest BUT the main thing – at this stage of the season the ONLY thing (?) – is that we won.

Hopefully the three points and the fact that we actually rode out a late storm – something of late we’ve not been able to do – might just settle the nerves for the three tricky games we have coming up which could take us to a 5th place finish and another season of improvement not to mention automatic European qualification, the first for 11 years?

I know the arguments about the quality, one fan shouted something to MON late on in the second half about the game and he was told to ‘shut your trap, just shut your mouth’. Ok, fair enough!

MON looked a man of many worries, he wasn’t his usual bubbling and energetic self so I’m sure the pressure release of a win will do him as much good as the players and us fans. I do wish he’d ignore any dissenters, the majority of fans are supporting the team and if someone wants to express an opinion the boss doesn’t agree with, I’d think ignoring it would be the best way, many others have over the years, David O’Leary being the notable exception and Graham Taylor being the example of good grace (under some very extreme and uncalled for abuse).

As for the game, Villa were by far the better team in the first half – although being better than Hull in their current form isn’t really that difficult, they were nearly as bad as Stoke City who were awful (yes, I know they fought back and got a draw in the end but I don’t remember seeing a worse performance from an away side for many years). I’m sure Hull are thankful for the early results which might just be enough to save them but they have a tough summer coming up and some re-thinking to do, they won’t get away with playing like they did last night next season.

The one exception for Hull was Boaz Myhill who pulled off several outstanding saves, most notably from a great shot by the otherwise subdued Gareth Barry. Boaz used to be a Villan, on the strength of his performance last night, maybe he could/should be again?!

John Carew popped up again to score, he seems to be enjoying doing that again which is a great sign. Ok, ok, it might have been a ‘little’ offside but hey, luck works both ways and we’ve had some bad breaks as well recently. Poor Gabby looks short of confidence and energy at the moment, he had a few chances to go on runs only to pass the ball, a couple of times to Hull players, and did miss a very very good chance which Myhill parried away but should have been in the back of the net. He needs a break, we saw from his drought last season that one goal brought a few more straight after. The pressure is on but maybe he’ll get something for us and himself v Fulham!

This will be an unusually short match ramble (can’t call this a report really can I?!) as I’m packing to fly over to Cleveland… hurrah… but I must admit I’m relieved to be going with Villa still 5th, still pushing for our best season finish in years and with everything still very much in our hands. I’m also really looking forward to this season ending now, maybe we’ll all relax in the summer, see some smashing arrivals ready for the assault on the top four next year and hopefully we’ll have learnt that all cups are serious and will start to really challenge for silverware.

Stats, match reaction and video highlights available on the front page.

Player Ratings

Brad Friedel 6
never know how to mark a keeper when they’ve had little to do!

Luke Young 7
think he has proved a great buy, looks much more comfortable in his rightful right-back place as well.

Nickey Shorey 8
my dads man of the match and who am I to argue?

Curtis Davies 7
a few slips etc but a clean sheet says it all.

Zat Knight 7
as above, a clean sheet says it all.

Ashley Young 7
looks tired out, lovely cross for the goal though!

Gareth Barry 6.5
not his usual self but still nearly scored a belter.

Stiliyan Petrov 6.5
got the sponsors man of the match, thought he did well but not one of his best by the standards he has set this season? Good cross to Gabby who missed a good chance.

James Milner 7.5
a belting game again I thought. I do like Milner!

John Carew 7.5
scored one, was inches away from another (early in the game)

Gabby Agbonlahor 6
short of confidence and not taking the few chances he is getting.

Heskey 85 (on for Carew)
Subs not on long enough to talk about.

Nigel Hokey Cokey (90 )
Subs not on long enough to talk about.
Subs not on long enough to talk about.

Old Friends And New
Great to meet up with James06, Danvilla2, VoiceoftheNorth – the privilege I’m sure was all theirs…! Not to mention the second part of the VotN trilogy, young Lucas who was soon banging the boardings as if he’d sat with me for years. Top lad and a lovely new Villa cap to go home to Norway in!


17 Replies to “Villa Beat Bees..Sorry Tigers”

  • defo agree with the shorey score. I think the lad has done very well in the past couple of games. He had some decisive, defense splitting passes which to be honest the forwards didn’t think would come through – and didn’t get onto… Lets make 5th our own

  • The only thing I’d say about MON’s reaction to that fan, is that I (for once) agree with John Terry who said last week that fans who dish it out should be prepared to take some back – providing it stays within the bounds of public decency. Too many these

  • I was with the fan in question, after the game. He told me he had shouted for M’ON to make a substitution, because we were under a bit of pressure and to use up some time. M’ON as is correctly reported told himt to ‘shut it’, only to make two substitution

  • Mon needs to realise when the legs get tired the subs need to come on. I love MON but theres a definate stubborness about him. No wonder we throw games away. Hokey cokey should make more of an appearence towards the end of games. Gabby scored against manu

  • I’ll send the bill for the “Bees” reference Mr Fear. I believe I own copyright on that one.

  • Nice to get the win, now we can build on this and hopefully get 6-7 points from the final 9!!!! UTV

  • Yong_jonah whats up you have been more positive in ur last few comments, not that im complaining, keep it up. UP THE VILLA

  • Myhill and Rachel shoul never have been allowed to leave in the first place. Would love to see Myhill back at the Villa, I’ll support Brad Snr for as long as he’s at the Villa but he scares the c*%p out of me and his distribution is woeful.

  • Milner 7.5…Fear, have you been drinking?!?! Milner was terrible last night, as he has been for most of the season. It only seems you and MON like him! He’s slow, lacks tricks and his crossing is woeful. Always gets blocked or hits the 1st man. I know

  • Milner is a good player and works so hard, his crossing isnt fantastic but that will improve he is still young, think he will be moved to centre mid sooner rather than later.UP THE VILLA.

  • Why do people think he will be better in the middle when he can’t pass that well and gets flusterred under pressure!? Watch our next game and count how mnay times he loses the ball.

  • Im not saying its my opinon he should be moved to centre mid just that it may happen, yes he does give the ball away more than most and his crossing can be poor but hes not a bad player, just a hard working good player and nothing more, but i like him cos

  • Totally agree Astonsteve that’s all I want from Villa players aswell but I also want some quality! As I said, if I played for Villa I would work just as hard and would die for the cause!!

  • Well Milner was my MOM on Monday so I guess we all see the same match differently. And just to note, I’m not actually a Milner fan, I wanted SWP instead.

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