Date: 10th May 2006 at 10:53am
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So, a meeting between Doug Ellis and David O’Leary took place on Monday and now it all comes down to a vote by the incompetent board members to decide the managers future. They have right royally messed up the finances and aren’t really in a position to pay O’Leary contract up, so as I suggested yesterday, the status quo will remain at Villa.

I’m not sure the board fully understand – or perhaps fully care as long as they are ok – that the fans are leaving in their thousands because of the lack of direction from the top and the lack of respect and action from the manager.

Reports today suggest that all five directors will meet with Ellis and they will all vote on the managers position. IF they can’t agree then Ellis will have the casting vote. Or should that say, Doug will state what he wants and the others will follow dutifully?

Hopefully they will declare one way or the other very quickly so the fans can decide whether to renew their season tickets or not and whether to look forward to another season of dire excuses and offensive comments from the current manager or have a summer of statements from Ellis declaring the next golden era is about to start.

O’Leary has taken Villa nowhere in the three seasons he has been at the helm, he took over after we finished 16th under Graham Taylor and managed to get us to 16th this season despite it now being ‘his’ team. He also took the record for the lowest ever points tally in the Prem. Managers have been sacked for far less but this board and especially the chairman are in total limbo, they couldn’t organise a p*ss up in a brewery let alone run a succesful Premiership club. Still, they’ve nice bonuses to look forward to for their failures, so all isn’t so bad.

In a recent poll 59% of fans were resigned to being stuck with David O’Leary next season. In a number of polls the majority have called for him to leave, including our current ‘end of season school report’ poll. The club, as ever, will not listen, but what they will see is less fans coming through the gates.

Do the maths Doug, 7% down this season = £1million drop. It will be down by more than that next season.

Shame the board don’t have the guts to have a vote on our ageing and incapable chairman, but then again they would be risking their cushy number then wouldn’t they?

Rumours persist that a Chinese delegation were looking at the club over the week and were in the box for the game v Sunderland. I’d not hold your breath if I was you.


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  • There can only be one answer, he has to go. If they are worried about the 1.7 comp, then all they have to think of is the lost revenue from crowd receipts that keeping him will incur. Please god rid us of this fool!

  • J P you worry me, I thought (how stupid I am) that O Dreary would be gone soon. I agree with you that it is what DD wants that will happen. It is terrible to sound so negative but we could very easily go down with O’Dreary at Vila next season.

  • How much of your lost ST sales is down purely to the footballing side (results, manager,etc) and how much to prices? I know that the increased prices for ST’s at Fratton Park have forced many people with kids to give up their tickets due to not being abl

  • You know Bobbymsb, 24 hours ago I’d have agreed with you. However, this revelation that our highly respected board of directors are to actually vote on DOL’s future, I think puts a different perspective on the situation. Maybe his time is indeed almost up

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