Date: 20th October 2009 at 7:01pm
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Whilst of the press went to Chelsea despite our victory, Monny has reminded us we haven’t ‘done nothing yet’ in the grand scheme of things.

Dismissing the London bias in the press as just one of those things, Monny knows if we can win the amount of games Chelsea have over the last 5 years and achieve in real terms what they have then maybe the bias will change.

Until then it’s just something we will have to put up with he said to the official site.

Achieving ‘nothing yet’ doesn’t mean he isn’t pleased with the progress we have made so far since he joined, nor the progress this season but he does warn of people getting carried away when there is so much of the season left to play for.

‘Just because you get one or two good results against the big sides doesn’t automatically mean you have made all this fantastic progress.

‘There has been progress, no doubt. I think we have some really good players – a decent squad with good players not being able to get in at this moment – that’s very encouraging. It’s also probably the strongest we have been in three years.

‘But you know what happens – you get a couple of mishaps and a couple of injuries and you think ‘why did I say all that?”

Sadly last season is a good point in case for the last sentence there with all the talk of Top 4 from the club.

We’ve too many silly losses this season to get really carried out, we know we can raise our game on the day for the big boys. In fact the two best, and dare I say proper performances in all areas of the pitch have come against Liverpool and Chelsea. If we carry that form through to the terms we should be expecting to beat then we can get carried away.

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