Date: 30th July 2009 at 11:35am
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Sky Sports and the Daily Star have quotes from Martin O’Neill agreeing that the ‘heart’ of the team has been ripped out with the departure of Gareth Barry to Manchester City and the retirement of defensive rock Martin Laursen.

The Villa boss, who has called for calm assuring fans they are on the case transfer wise, ‘We are obviously going to improve the team. If we are going to try and improve this season then we need some players in. I will be expecting that to happen. I am hopeful we will have players coming into the football club. We are some numbers down but we are looking to put that right.’

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Having seen Villa slip from Champions League contention to being pipped to 5th by Everton, MON knows he has to bring in more bodies, especially not that we’ve also lost Zat Knight to Bolton Wanderers and Stuart Taylor (who to be fair was never really in the picture since MON came) to Manchester City.

He again repeated that we need to bring in five players. Must admit, with the exits and the fact even before they left we were short on numbers, I’d think we need a few more… then again, it is easier to type that than do it I would guess!!!

‘The answer to the question ‘Are we extremely thin now?’ is, ‘Yes we are!’ Also the fact is that we have signed a player who will not be fit for some time. So, yes, on the face of it, it looks pretty small. I would prefer to start the season with some of these extra players on board. I think that would be pretty important. The heart of the squad needs replacing. Yes, absolutely – and it will take money. No-one says there is X-amount to spend but you are constantly asking what can you afford.’

Villa do have the smallest squad in the league right now.

A mate, who wishes to remain anon (and NO, it isn’t me, if it was I’d say and YES, I do have ‘some’ mates… I pay a fee but nevertheless…) said:

‘our heart is gone’ ….. ‘MON..we tried to tell you that a few times……..and you should be in Brum bringing in new players…..smokey and his bandit can see to the trivialities of the peace cup… they did so with success as you sat banished in the stands…Five new players? Yes you are right Mon but if you brought in five Hare’s or Mules you’re going to add kidneys and giblets and you still wont have a heart…… something nice before I need to see my cardiologist………Oh..and whilst we’re talking about organs…..go back to HART for Distin……!”

See, said it wasn’t me, the Hart thing was too clever for me!

Must admit I stand by the fact that this transfer window has been a weird one for all apart from Man City and do think the track record is for late purchases but even last summer, late or not, Villa did spend a lot.

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