Date: 4th April 2006 at 9:40am
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Aston Villa boss David O’Leary has claimed he is the man to continue the job at Villa and is determined to improve the flagging clubs fortunes.

‘My playing and managerial record is all about being at the top of the league, we are fifth from bottom – and I don’t like that. It leaves a bad taste. I came into this season wanting a good season at the other end of the table where I belong, where I have been and where I want this club to be.’

I’ll say again, I, I, I. I belong at the top? Aston Villa belongs at the top. Which sounds the best?


‘This year we have fallen below the standards of the past two seasons, when we finished in the top 10, for various reasons that I can’t go into. Everyone is frustrated. This season has been disappointing and that’s what makes me more determined in the summer to put it right. I will put it right because I know how to put it right. We’ve got to do the best with what we’ve got until the end of the season and see what the summer brings to hopefully push this club to where it should be.’

Right, so the start is where ‘I’ belong, the second part is ‘we’ have failed. Right, I can see exactly where he is coming from now.

And what does: ‘For several reasons I can’t go into’ ??? Hmmm, he’s surely not run out of excuses?! 😉


11 Replies to “Villa Boss – Top (of the flops) ?”

  • I hate people who start conversations with I and end it with me. DOL is self absorbed.

  • This is turning into a bit of a petition. Ellis out, with O’Leary strapped to the bonnet of AVFC 1.

  • Don’t worry lads, not long before he’s linked with the vacancy at NFFC.
    It’s not that we dont want him. But we have enough runners and riders in this race. Thanks.

  • I find it very hard to believe that he still continues to carry on his one man self-promotional blitz. Does he not realise that no one is listening anymore? Initially his excuses were irritating, then they became annoying, leading on to just plain embarra

  • Imagine being a press man glensider, they have to not only listen to it week on week, but then write about it!

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