Date: 20th July 2007 at 3:17pm
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Martin O’Neill is obviously getting badgered in the press conferences with questions about transfers, or maybe more appropriately, the lack of transfers?

This time he has suggested some prices are just too high and that he isn’t in the business of bankrupting a football club.

‘In this day and age you have to be very careful because things are escalating at such a rate. Trying to find value for money is exceptionally difficult, but if all those things are there, we’ll try to do it.’

He then explains that he hasn’t ruled anything out but he wants to build a strong squad to compete and ‘not someone who might come in for two games and be an ‘impact’ signing and not really be value for money.’

Adding on the official site: ‘You see the escalation in prices and someone who you thought you’d be able to get for ‘x’ is now ‘x plus y’. Part of you questions it and part of you thinks do you go along with it because other teams are strengthening their sides.’

Well, erm. Yes if you want to compete in the top five to six surely? I would have thought – from a laymans point of view – that a manager would say the players he wants and the board would do the deals, if the board think the price is too high, they reject the deals?

O’Neill carried on: ‘I am going to do that – the owner has given me the responsibility for want of a better word to do it and this is what I’m looking at. I’m surveying all options and I’ll see what develops. The owner has put a bit of trust into me and I want to make the team as exciting as I possibly can.’

He is also going to look at the last few games where, in his words, Villa ‘were really flying’.

Not an easy job being the manager, we need new quality players, that is for sure, but then what happens to the good young players we already have coming through. On the bright side, I’m not paid the £1million a year so it isn’t my worry. On the down side, I’m not paid the million a year!!


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  • If we want the players then we will have to be prepeared to pay over the top for them im afraid thats how the player market is going in the preimership now. Prime example is Blue nose scum paying 6 million for Mido.

  • Well said JPF. i hope this explanation from MON gives the negetive fans amongst us food for thought before they open there virtual mouths and inflict there negative nonsense on us possitive fans. i thik AVFC48 knows who i’ aiming this at.

  • Sounds to me as if Randy has handed all responsibility for deal-making and haggling over to MON, unlike Ellis who used to micro-manage every transfer. Maybe he needs a bit of help – give us a call Mart, I can spend Randy’s money for you!

  • I think what he’s saying is that he’s hoping to find the bargains before having to go and spend the ridiculous cash. It may well be that he has some big money transfers lined up, IF he can’t get his bargain deals to work first.

  • Replace O’Neill in all the above with Taylor or O’Leary and this site and every other fan site on the internet would now be in meltdown.

    Mind you then those wonderful and oh so marvelous positive fans just might have something to say about the comments made than just aiming another dig at someone who they obviously feel has more influence with his views than O’Neill

  • in response to kentvilla what happens when you’ve spent all your budget and your wage bill far exceeds your income. Down there lies bankrupcy. We need to look at is leeds! a perfect example. There is a problem spending big money on players. Are you buying reputations with no substance?Thats the question. A question that thankfully i dont have to answer. thats MON’s job. but did any villa fans think that MON was the type of manager to buy superstars. because i did’nt and i for one am pleased he does’nt waste money.

  • Fair do’s to MON as the leeds approach springs to mind. The leeds fans were delighted with the massive expenditure when they were winning but soon fell flat when the wheels come off. I can see the same happening at chelsea eventually as the amount they keep spending there isn’t going to be a business willing to take over the debts (once and if roman leaves). Many villa fans will tell they’re happy not to buy but would rather earn success. its a slow process but once the foundation are place its easy to build off (like Man Utd). Only then can we start to spend large amounts UTV

  • in reply to gappy please could you answer two small questions please.

    were Leeds ever owned by a Billionaire?

    if you are so sure O’Neill doesn’t waste money and by implication doesn’t spend when he doesn’t have to, could you kindly justify the 8.5 million spent on Petrov and the 10 million on Young ?

  • I think MON is right to be cautious, to an extent, but, when the league champions are prepared to spend in excess of £60m on three players to maintain thier position it putsd it into perspective.
    There are so many pressures putting the prices of the best players up. Such as there are not many of them about and too many teams are after them. Also managers know the value of their best players and are duty bound to get the most they can for them or put other managers off by the asking price and thereby keeping their best players(and avoiding the sack).
    If we want to be in the big league we have to be prepared to compete with them on all levels. Sadlt, at this time that may mean spending more on a player than MON thinks he is worth.
    Regardless tho’ I trust his judgement and I would back him against any other manager in the business.

  • avfc48: yes MON spent more than he should have done on Young, but thats the price you pay for youth (especially English) but time will tell whether he can justify it. As for petrov, it was a classic case sticking to players that can do a job. He was one his star man at celtic and he thought he could do a job for us and i believe he will. it was all down to time constraints, MON had little time to buy Celtic were willing to wait thus a comprimise was reached. UTV

  • In answer to your question AVFC48. i dont think that the money spent on Petrov or Young was wasted. come back at the end of the season and ask the same question. Would you put a puppy down if he did’nt c**p on the paper first time ???

  • So then unlike those above who argue O’Neill’s comments are right and correct you say having bought Young and paid well over the odds he’s either a hypocrite or wrong

  • thanks gappy for proving my point, now in reply to gappy please could you answer two small questions please. were Leeds ever owned by a Billionaire? if you are so sure O’Neill doesn’t waste money and by implication doesn’t spend when he doesn’t have to, could you kindly justify the 8.5 million spent on Petrov and the 10 million on Young ?

  • AVFC48 i am confused by your major negativity towards the current Villa regime…can you please tell me who you would rather have in charge than a man that is proven at getting under-performing sides punching above their weight?? Also i am certain that 10m for a young man that can player either wing on either foot will prove to be a snip. I can see he replacing the one dimensional Aaron Lenno inb the England setup this season!! Yes i would like to see O’Neill make some signings but trust the man for god sake…he has a load more managerial experience than you thats for sure!!

  • another question gappy, please show me where I said the money spent on Petrov or Young was wasted?

    Its O’Neill who is saying he will not bankrupt the club by overpriced spending on players not me.

    3 questions now gappy need any help

  • Can i ask AVFC48 who he would like to manage our great club (realistically)? and hypothetically who he would buy and how much he would spend on them? should make good readin…

  • AVFC48 = doom monger, to answer you ever so burning question of leeds, no they weren’t own by a billioniare but in that period of history no club was. what they did have was a wealthy millionaire who was willing to spend. fast forward 6 years and instead of wealthy millionaires, we have billionaires. So more money same principle.

  • why am I being negative ?
    its O’Neill not me explaining away why he hasn’t spent big so far. I have no down on the new regime I keep saying its great and obvious to see.
    I’m not the one saying they will go the route of Leeds if O’Neill spend Lerners cash am I?
    what I do admit is I don’t believe in this O’Neill is God mentality, any manager who says on the one hand he will not spend big when its not warranted because he doesn’t want to bankrupt the club and on the other buys Young for up to 10.5 million is being for me at least a little inconsistent.
    Young is a great player maybe, but he nearly cost in January as much as Bent has when all Premiership clubs have received pots of gold from the media rights. At the moment with players sales our total nett spend is probably no more than 2 million.
    Is O’Neill saying I over spent in January and can now only be careful.
    Is Ellis still in charge
    I thought not?

  • AVFC48 what are you asking exactly was leeds owned by a billionaire? No. but does the word billionaire mean that he can just splash cash aimlessly without justifiction??? as for young and petrov youasked me for justifiction for there fees. firstly i dont have to justify there fees. but you are assuming its money wasted??

  • tell you what gappy you answer my 3 questions and I’ll answer yours in one sentence.

    given up on gappy answering have we god thingy.
    they achieved a European cup semi final too after qualifying for europe in 1 season, forgotten.
    Do you really think Lerner a billionaire is as poor a businessman or as selfish a man as the Leeds owner was ?
    If so, we might as well all quit now.

  • ah so as well as not answering questions you can read minds too gappy.
    you used the Leeds analogy and it plainly doesn’t work, just as O’Neill used the wont bankrupt companies by spending big yet he overspent on Petrov and Young which again doesn’t work.

  • AVFC48 i think your taking his word out of context m8. he not saying that he won’t be spending big this summer or in any part of the season. what he saying is that with the players availble he’s not going to over pay for the sake of it. you might come back with the young arghument but that was due to mid season ridculas market. I think WHam and Pompey and spurs to an extent are guilty of causing a inflation in second teir players. eg bellend 8m neill 5.6m upson 8m bent 16.5 bale 10m mido 6m and the list goes on. my point is in seasons before the billionaires play ground these players would never register on the big money move scale.

  • So AVFC you believe that because we now have money we should be wasting it on players with big egos that go against the proven work ethic of our manager…?? Yes the money is there to be spent but O’Neill likes to bring in a certain type of player…something he obviously saw in Young hence his large transfer fee. My reading of the above tells me that O’Neill WILL be prepared to pay big bucks for a player that he believes will fit into the Aston Villa team in the right way and not disrupt the harmony!! Players are available at the right price but Martin has to test the water before diving straight in!!!

  • I remember JG going on about being asked the same questions all the time, guess the only way to stop that is to change the circumstances! Bit worried we are now in USA/Canada and so signings might be delayed as they’ll need to speak with the manager. Also thought the assesments would have been done by now. That said, the transfer window is still not in full swing, but … Also remember JG talking about old quotes being used in ‘new’ aritlces that then make him look like he is daft. Not sure what that has to do with anything but you know me, I like to share! :O)

  • i’m not one to slate other fans but AVFC48 does paint a gloomy picture of villa. I fed up with him compling to the misery of the lack of activity. we all it takes time but he seem to be the first to jump up and plant seed of doubt in our minds as to whats been done behind the scenes. is he Doug in disguise me thinks UTV

  • No worries tdiddyo. i forget my own name sometimes your in good company…lol as for avfc48 i agree that everyone has an opionion and there entitled to voice it but you just get hacked off listening to the same old rubbish from negative a**holes. you will find it does’nt matter what RAL or MON do it wont be enough for them. bless!!!!

  • I think your right godworeno5!! hes like one of those characters off scooby doo hes got the avfc48 mask on doug ellis’s head. and we’ve just pulled it off and now hes just said “i would have got away with it if it was’nt for you pesky kids” lol

  • Young is going to be a great player for us. His form at the end of the season and in the U-21 championship proved that. If he was available for transfer now we’d more than get that money back. AVFC48 If you want an example of MON wasting money you should look elsewhere

  • AVFC, Young cost £8.25m, Petrov £6.25m (and was bought by Ellis with the money off the land he bought for pennies). We had to buy Young as he is a true future talent. Petrov was a good buy and will be able to play his position this year behind the forwards. Bent cost £16.8m !!! twice his value. Hargreaves cost £18.75m !!! three times his value at best. Nani and Anderson are unproven but Fergie has took the chance as they are so young, but it has cost megabucks. Torres cost £22m and will flop in the premiership. What I want to know is where are the players you want AVFC48 ? I’ve asked you many times, no answer. I haven’t seen anything that has set the market alight, except the Tevez, Man Utd and West ham thing. Any big names will be available in three weeks time if we are to have a sniff, as they are all away with squads on tour or having a break from international duties such as the Copa Americas or Asia Cup etc….so we can forget that one for a while. Then there is the wages, we don’t produce enough revenue yet to be able to pay £80k aweek. Let the Newcastles and Co panic buy overated and overpriced primadonna’s. MON says he won’t pay ridiculus amounts for players who will do it in a couple of games a season, to me that sounds level headed. Maybe he can convince Sneidjer to come, but if he wants to come to the prem, I think Jol has the upper hand being Dutch himself and offering European football consistantly. Plus Sneidjer is already guaranteed CL football next year albeit with Ajax. So I would really like to know who you want to come in AVFC48, and don’t say Defoe, SWP etc….. cause they aren’t much better than what we have got up front.

  • And Fear, the squad don’t arrive in Canada until Sunday. MON will arrive Tuesday, we do have otherv coaches you know, who will need to settle the players in for a couple of days. And in this world of marvelous technology and video confrencing it isn’t too hard to talk to agents and staff back at Villa Park. The window ends in6 weeks and we already have a nuecleus of a squad, so a couple of quality players will settle in fine if they come. This tour is for 9 days, then back for Inter and they other friendlies, we have tons of time yet.

  • I think 48’s comments are refreshing. Doesn’t mean I have to agree with them. They are perhaps premature and I hope, not prophetic. I have had a feeling of unease about the window. I firmly believe MON is a gentleman and a very principled man in both his private and work life. The dichotomy here is MON splashing out big money on Young & Petrov and then suggesting restraint at present. MON was forced to spend big with both players as he was desparate. He won’t spend over the odds unless he feels desparate again. This may be, as Celtic fans have alluded to, at the very last minute. The problem I see is that some targets will pass us by as MON is prudent leading to possible panic buys before the window closes. I hope I’m wrong and as many have painstakingly pointed out our negativity and frustration would have been unecessary. If MON does sign players late I imagine 48 will be somewhat content and time will tell. Whether MON is a man of too much integrity for the modern business is of genuine concern for me.

  • I see he wants value and thats great. But I think pushing the boat out on 1 or 2 would really get us all excited and send out a message. Especially if they are a skill or flair player. Its hard to understand what value for money is this season. With the new tv money player prices have gone up so the reasonable price has probably gone up also. Inflations a bugger.

  • in other words just tell randy that defoe and SWP are great value. Honest guv, straight up, no word of a lie.

  • Tylervilla – It’s not Randy as the management have left it to MON. This is MON being reluctant to be ripped off. Some will say, bravo. But, we will get left behind as some managers will just get stuck in and buy. If they get sacked so what. MON cares about the football club he’s at because he’s reputation is sacrosanct.

  • I think he will buy big, but if he does and they flop, everyone will be on the ‘told you so posts’ next season. The premiership is a hard place to play and most foreign players don’t make the grade unless they are in expensive sides such as the top three, and even then they can dissapoint. Liverpool for instance will buy a player just to score five goals in the champions league if he can, but it costs big time and they can still struggle in the prem. We need players who have the hunger to take a club like Villa to the next level, and for some reason a lot of fans don’t get the fact that they are few and far between or are already at that level. All leagues, be it La Liga, Serie A or Bundesliga have three or four big teams who hold the monopoly on prices, wages and location for players and it is hard to break them down. Leeds Utd’s, Blackburns, Newcastle’s have come and had a crack but it has cost them heavily. Only Spurs have slowly grew and are real serious contenders now, but again the bright lights of London attract the players and girlfriends, yes I said girlfriends !! they have a bigger part than most would realise. Think about your own missus for a minute, or partner to be PC. But what would I know……anyway got a bag to pack, planes to catch etc….

  • I’m just looking for solid progress over the next few yeas and that should be the wish of every true Villa supporter. Just get behind MON and the team and give them 110% support every week – “rain and shine”. Ron Saunders did it 30 years ago against insuperable internal Club problems and given your unerring support and trust, I’m absolutely convinced MON will do it for us now. “All you true Villans, get down on your knees and pray (Tony Butler, BRMB 1981)”

  • Responsibility- That is my understanding of the situation.His responsibility to the fans,chairman and players.His dilemma is to accept the fluctuation in value against is perception of their true value.Unfortunatley time is not on our side, hence the news article clearly stating the dilemma.One quick note on 48’s comments.Like everyone we are all entitled to our opinions, however as an eternal optimist I can’t logically understand how negativity can help the clubs progress.That is the idea, is it not!?!.We have the best infrastructure at the club for decades, so if you have to look for negativity in that, in my opinion people should look at their general perception to all things ….and put 2 & 2 togther.It’s not the club, it is obviously your outlook on life.

  • I think he won`t throw stupid money at a player unless it`s last minute,at the moment he has enough time to evaluate and assess targets(i.e the Bellamy one,where you jump ship) but in the case of Young and maybe forseeable signings when you have to pay a bit over then he will but only within reason,can`t be wrong surely?? I think the Board/Operations/Manager underestimated how tough it would be to sign players and gave rash promises.

  • well said astonmilan. as for asking avfc48 any questions, he wont answer them. i asked him the same questions earlier today and he refused. hes the kind of man whose glass is half empty. he wont answer questions just ask them. with a huge slice of negativity. but the sadness is that negativity spreads like cancer through the fans.

  • PKing – I understand what you mean as the way he conducts himself is a credit to the club but in fairness to 48 you can only judge if MON’s current stance is acceptable when the window closes. If we’ve missed out or paid over the odds for some bozo as a panic buy then his current stance isn’t right. However, if pulls in the right signings then you will be bang on. I would side with your positive view at the moment. UTV

  • I think the general problem for fans waiting for new arivals is the length of the transfer window. It lends itself to high prices and procrastination. The fact that there isn’t any world cup’s to keep everyones mind of the transfer window also isn’t helping. The value you put on the player isn’t governed buy how much u paid but by the contribution the said player makes. AVFC48 and others have missed this point when they use the money spent on Young and Petrov as an example of extravegance. Whilst we can’t judge Young’s contribution over a whole season, there is a very high possiblity that he will have a great season this year. Petrov’s contribution was rather more subtle. His arrival boosted our midfield but subsequent performances suggested that he was having trouble settling into a new club and position. Petrov’s game came together at a time when Mccann was dropped and Gardner and Barry were drafted into the centre mid roles. No coincidence I feel. As fans on this forum lets judge our purchases by their contribution – after all how much is a top 5 finish worth? or an FA Cup worth? I believe this is what MON is talking about – 3.5 Mill for a squad player and 8 mill for a first team player. We can be the judges at the end of the season as to what is extravegant or not.

  • And tylervilla, if we did get Defoe and SWP, you would probably be dissapointed because they are only interested in being superstars on superstar wages, If they have talked to MON then I think they would be put off by the expectation of hard work and fighting for a place, they will accept their positions in their squads and stay put I think. SWP is on £65k a week and Defoe £60k a week, I can’t see us paying that just yet, we haven’t got the means to generate massive wages at the moment.

  • I believe in my heart of hearts that AVFC48 is a blues fan trying to spread a summer of discontent throughout the Villa faithfull.

  • AVFC48 which players shouldwe/should have signed. You “manage” by hindsght. Come on tell us who?

  • The current market dictates that average players are switching clubs for exhorbitant fees. Sadly its a fact of life. You either go with the flow and splash the cash, or sit tight unless a player or players that you particularly want become available at a realistic price. MON has decided to take the latter route, and until/unless it is proven that he has made an error of judgement, then I for one am happy to go along with our esteemed managers decision.

  • While you can understand and appreciate MON’s comments and reasoning, we have to be careful that we aren’t once again found wanting when it comes down to building on a foundation, as has been the case many, many times at Villa Park in recent seasons. While those around us build and strengthen, can we afford to sit still, and refuse to join in the game?

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