Date: 12th July 2009 at 4:17pm
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Well this is a bit of positive news and good to see that the club continue to take feedback from the fans and act accordingly.

There have been changes to the season ticket sales in relation to the cup voucher scheme. Before when you were a season ticket holder you got the choice whether to join the scheme which guarantees ‘your’ seat for all cup games at Villa Park OR you could have a period of grace, usually a few weeks, to get ‘your’ seat before they went on general sale.

Now at the end of last season it was decided that you’d have to join the cup voucher scheme in order to grab ‘your’ seat and that there would be no period of grace if you didn’t.

I must admit after certain cup events last season, which we don’t have to go into again, I was thinking, for the first time since being a season ticket holder, not to join the cup voucher scheme again BUT did when I found out the changes. I think if we don’t take cups seriously this year it will be the last time I do so but again, that is another story and a personal decision…

Anyway, I got the new season ticket card through the post last week (the old cards are being replaced for all season ticket renewals this season) and read the letter explaining the benefits etc.

Amongst the info was the following:

We can now confirm that your chosen seat has been secured for all Premier League games this season. However, the best way to secure your seat for home cup matches including games in the newly formed Europa League is by joining the Cup Scheme. They go on to explain the benefits…

However, they also added: Alternatively we can NOW confirm that, should you not choose to join the Cup Scheme, as a Season Card Holder you will be given a 48-hour priority window to secure your seat for home cup ties. However this priority will only apply to the Aston Villa Online Ticket Office, so get online now!

As said, good to see the club do listen and adapt. I know there was feedback given, I for one queried and gave the point of view that there should be some period of grace, there was a thread in the forum about it also, so I’m sure others … and other forums (if any such thing exists….!!!!!) I quite sure would have done the same.

Nice one Villa and well done Nicola Keye (Head of Consumer Sales)

There is also a new Aston Villa Holiday Club with Thomas Cook… … it says: Thomas Cook Sport is delighted to bring you the Aston Villa Holiday Club where Aston Villa fans can buy anything from flights to hotels to complete holiday packages and all at guaranteed discount prices. before adding, and if you are buying a holiday, it would be wrong of you not to pay for an invite Fear along with you… or if you don’t want his company, just pay for him and you can stay at home.

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