Date: 21st August 2007 at 12:39pm
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He who walks on water, Brian Little, says that Marlon Harewood will become a major success at Villa.

In a report in the Birmingham Mail, the former Villa striker and manager said:

Martin O’Neill has a knack of getting the best out of players. Lots of people are interested to see how Marlon does this season. The key is Martin O’Neill – he is capable of getting the best out of anyone and everyone. And Marlon is certainly capable. It is no concern to me. It is not a bad signing at all.’

Adding this great quote, ‘You can’t always get the best apples out of the tree all the time. He is fairly typical of the modern player, it is just the all-round consistency that separates the top-of-the-tree players from those who eek out a living. The season before last he was marvellous and people were eating their words. Then last season everything that could go wrong, did go wrong for West Ham. So it was no surprise that the team was broken up, but I think he can do well from this.’


25 Replies to “Villa Don’t Have A Bad Apple”

  • I really want Marlon to do well….. people will be on his back in seconds if he has a bad game. If Big John is injured he should start

  •….if he gives his all in claret and blue, then all should get behind him. He is a villa player now, end of……lets all get behind him and wish him well

  • 101 uses for Marlon Harewood #3 – Filling for an apple crumble. (See Vital Fanzine thread for explanation)

  • Is it me or was Brian Little having a laugh? Look at the quote – top of the tree, eat there words, etc etc?
    I quite like Marlon, very difficult to defend against.

  • Bring back DOL and let him spend like he did at Leeds. Look what DOL did to leeds with resources he had – just shows what an awful manager he really is.

  • Good to read Brian’s assessment of the Marlon Harewood signing. He talks a lot of sense. Of course it wont be accepted by the idiots who have already decided that they’re 100% against our new signing, simply because he’s not one of the European superstars that they hilariously thought would end up at B6 this summer.

  • Marlon is a complete nightmare to mark(just ask OLLY) and admittedly he blows hot and cold in front of goal, but with Gabby or luke playing off him he creates space for the other forward. He will give 100% effort and if he can find consistency he will be a good signing for us..

  • Agree good comments from the Little man. (Does the bad apple comment imply that this article is a de-cider?)

  • There would be nothing better than this guys proving his critics wrong. £3-4m is nothing for a striker especially if he can offer something. We will see, My guess is that the noses will get on at the villa about him not scoring especially when he’s played ten minutes here and ten minutes there! They laughed at Crouch in the same way!!

  • Who cares about the noses, i cannot see them finishing above 17th place along with an average gate of 26,000 – they are a championship size club.

  • im trying to get over the 4m we paid for him, im trying to get over his lack of talent and that we bought a “squad player” which does not improve the first XI, but what i can not get over is he wears the No 9 Shirt! when will we ever have a No 9 to be proud of again?

  • I have told you before that he at very best championship a total waste of money. We cant believe how much you paid for him. If Carew gets injured i sure hope you are not relying on Hommer Simpson to lead your line because if you are relegation beckons 4 you

  • Brian Little was quality, and he knows the attributes needed to be, or become, a good quality striker. He obviously see’s potential in Marlon, and thats good enough for me. Well you lot sure now enough about relegation SHOE HAMMER. West Ham United, one of the games great yo-yo clubs. Always have been, always will be.

  • All i am trying to say is that he is not good enough. And our days of yo-yoing are over. I just hope yours havent started.

  • I think he is utter cack. However, when he is playing, he will get my 100% support, and i really hope he proves me wrong.

  • Saw him score a hattrick against Villa a couple of years ago. I was right behind the goal sitting on my hands (Girlfriends a west ham fan) looked the real deal then. Just needs to rediscover that form.

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