Date: 18th July 2007 at 12:21pm
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While Aston Villa might need a top-level goalkeeper, fans should not be annoyed if Sunderland sign Hearts shot-stopper Craig Gordon for £9million, as reports suggest will happen.

If any further evidence was needed that transfer fees have gone mad was needed, this is surely it – £9million from a club that, quite frankly, isn’t very good at all. Although I’ve not personally checked, I think that will be the most money ever paid for a Scottish player, and the fact Gordon doesn’t play for one of the two decent Scottish teams should say it all.

The news of the signing, assuming it does break, probably comes at a bad time for Villa fans who are still reeling from the signing of West Ham striker Marlon Harewood. But let me let you in on a little secret – while Gordon may be the best Scottish keeper, he is not even the best keeper in Scotland.

That title surely goes to Celtic’s Artur Boruc, the Polish international who grabbed the headlines when he saved a penalty in the Champions League against Manchester United to send his club into the last-16. A fee of £9million would be acceptable, for he is arguably one of Europe’s top-10 keepers at the moment. Gordon, on the other hand, is never worth more than £5million, even in today’s transfer market.

Perhaps not many England-based Villa fans know too much about Scottish football, and to be fair that’s a good thing. Personally, being in Ireland I get forced to watch Celtic time and time again, and consequently the other teams they more-often-than-not pummel into the ground. So I feel quite confident when I say it would be great, great news if O’Neill doesn’t try and get involved in a bidding war.

Scotland international Gordon will do a good enough job for Sunderland, I’m sure, and I’ve a lot of respect for Roy Keane. But while he has shown he can motivate players, there are certainly question marks over his transfer dealings and some may argue he is looking as though he may become a chequebook manager.

So are there any keepers out there that Villa should go after? Well, if O’Neill really wants to spend up to £10million on a keeper (ie a Gordon-esque price) his best bet would be putting in a sneaky bid for Artur Boruc – though the Pole has suggested he would only move to the likes of Arsenal, Liverpool, Real Madrid or Manchester United, so perhaps we’re not far enough along the five-year plan to manage that.

But does it really matter? Thomas Sorensen is a good enough keeper for this season, or until January at least, so perhaps O’Neill should look abroad and bring in a decent youngster for a decent price. If that youngster is good he can take over, if not he can go.

Whatever happens, and even if Villa do have to make do with the current keepers, wasting £9million on the unproven and untested (at a decent level) Gordon would be a reason to blast the boss, not cheer him!


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  • Agreed 9 mill to much, Sorenson good enough! if you take everything into account I’m sorry to say he isn’t, Jaaskelainen top draw, we must pull out all the stops for this guy.

  • I’m sure Jaaskelainen said he wanted to come to us. We should make a move for him, we definately need another keeper and Jaaski’s a class player. i’d rather have him than pay £9m for Gordon. Proof again the worlds gone mad.

  • The world has gone mad. As for Jussi…he’s good, but can’t we make do for a season then get great? Five-year plan could be interpreted as replace keeper now, or replace next season. Tough one.

  • Id pay it, can we stop ******** around like we are doug ellis and just get the best man for the job – GORDON – who is an excellant keeper.

  • What does it say for your team if you spend almost half of your transfer budget on a keeper? Daft spending if it happens.

  • boruc is not a top class keeper , very much like sorenson but younger, gordon is a top class keeper and i think if we are going to improve we are going to need to over spend on players despite their value and worth

  • Tommy has made a couple of clangers which have cost us points over the years but he is still a good shot stopper and would walk into most prem teams. However, paying 9m for a relatively unproven keeper would be madness. I would rather we spent that kind of money on a good CB or midfielder and keep the search up for the right keeper. Our problems over the seasons Tommy has been keeper haven’t been his couple of clangers but our inability to score enough goals.

  • I agree Borucv is vastly overrated by Celtric fans and as for not getting rid of sorryson. We all agreed in the mian he had to go if we were to improve, surely we should get rid, it sums up this summer when it ends up “Well we should keep him he isnt tnat bad”. We are supposed to be improving dramticcaly, a top class keeper – who has proved himslef internationally which you failed to mention against the likes of Italy and France with stunning performances – is available who we can obtain and need so we should be getting him no matter what and chalking off the GK position as solved.

  • If he’s as good as everyone is saying he is then £9mill could prove to be a bargain. Surely the fact that he doesn’t play for one of the top 2 in Scotland yet can still command such a huge fee, mean he really must be the dogs danglies? Great goalkeepers are few and far between thats why the cream of the crop go for so much cash. Get him in!

  • To those of you saying go and get Gordan you must all be mad. He is a very good keeper and is a lot younger than the others who have been mentioned but Jaaskelianen will get us at least 10 points on his own next season. If it hadn’t have been for him and Anelka last season, Bolton would not have got into Europe. Just look at the two games he had against us, particularly at Villa Park. He was absolutely outstanding. He is the undoubtedly the best keeper that is available and within our reach.

  • I would honestly snap their hands off to get him for £9M. A Keeper of his calibre is worth an extra ten points a season – as Cech, Seaman and Schemical have shown – and he really is the best around. We do need to replace Sorenson and MON knows it which is why he hasn’t been offered a new contract whereas Melly has, so getting anyone other than Gordon is a step backwards in my eyes.

  • Jaaskelinan is ten years older than Gordon. We need to stabalise the club and signing Jaaskelinan would merely be putting off our need to get another keeper for a couple of seasons whereas getting Gordon would mean that should be sorted for a decade.

  • I think Jaaskelinan, Carson or Gordon are the only options. I think £4m would get either Carson or Jussi. But heres a thought – get both Jussi and Carson. Still spending less than what Sunderland are spending on Gordon!!!! Has anyone heard any other GK links?? I reckon Carson or Jussi may happen soon – otherwise why would MON send Malanda back and not offer Tommy a new contract asap??

  • Has to be Carson for me. He was outstanding for England Under 21’s and with fat bucket Robinson clearly not international clsss (unless for burger eating) then Carson surely has a great chance of being England No 1 for Euro 2008 (if we qualify!!).
    However, that will only happen if he is playing regular Premiership football, which will not happen if he stays with the bin dippers.
    And Carson would cost half what Gordon does! And with several of his Under 21 mates already at Villa then we may have a good chance of actually getting him.


  • Beefy, Jaaskelianen is 32 and Gordan is 24. 32 is no age for a goalkeeper and he could sign a 5 year-year contract and still easily be at the top of his game when that ends. I think £9m for a position that at the moment isn’t absolutely essential is far too much. We would still have to buy a right back, winger and centre half to bolster the squad.

  • I don’t think it is a question of can’t afford him but of don’t wish to afford him. From what I have seen he looks OK and could be excellent but like many signings this summer has to prove himself in the Premiership. I don’t think he is worth the risk at that price and if he turns out like “Scottish Goalkeepers of Old” there would be many on here willing to moan.

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