Date: 9th January 2007 at 3:51pm
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According to General Charles Krulak Villa are in for a spruce up!

He explained in the Birmingham Mail; ‘We do have a five-year plan for revitalisation and rejuvenation of Villa Park and some of the surrounding area.’

Adding: ‘We are going to spruce up the Witton train station and see if we can make the Villa experience begin when someone gets off the train.’

‘The grounds themselves will be worked on in an orderly manner and the North Facade is going to get a steam cleaning within the next couple of weeks. We are working on these issues.’


20 Replies to “Villa Due A Spruce Up”

  • I wonder exactly what the 5 year plan entails? Hopefully knocking down the North stand and closing that end of the ground off with a big new stand…exciting times 🙂

  • Brilliant news, these things although not affecting the action on the pitch affect the appearence and overall Impression of the club to not only Villians but visitors to the club, that of course would include players coming to have a look at the club before making a career decision to join Aston Villa.

  • It all helps and it would never have happened under Ellis, i.e. they are looking at the bigger picture. Can we just have the cherry on top with a couple of decent signings thankyou please.

  • I think they know as well as us that it is on the field that we are all most interested in, the rest will just be a welcome bonus.

  • Really hope they re-open the Aston Tavern, have so many fond memories of that pub. When they have finished the rejuvenation of Aston maybe they could think further afield and move onto Alum Rock?

  • It never ceases to surprise me that every time “The General” opens his mouth the fans seem to go into some kind of “orgasmic raptures”. I think it’s about time a bit more of the 5 year plan is revealed to the “paying public” through the official website and **** the Birmingham Mail. Let them get the same information at the same time as the Villa Faithful get it. But more important Krulak should start to be more specific on what the plan to do in detail or keep his mouth shut!

  • Moan moan moan some fans never change, i though as i passed under the bridge by witton station that it could do with a lick of paint and it be nice if the name was changed to villa park station.

  • I like that idea chris the villan. Keep on doing what you’re doing General. The very vast majority of Villans have to be mightily impressed with your actions to date, and the future plans that you guys are hatching all the time. Very proud to be a Villan….Again!!
    Yes, chris the villan, really like that idea. Villa Park station. That idea deserves acting upon if at all possible.

  • Hear hear. General is really looking at the bigger picture. Players are members of the public and what they see from the outset affects their decision to join or not….and that includes looking at the amenities and the route in. After all, they have families who might fancy a pint and will appreciate a smart train station before being shown ruond our new training ground…UTV

  • Villacross, I do believe you were kept informed about the free travel to Chelski. Also about the free entry into the Bolton game providing you also purchased tickets for Manure and Chelski. I am also under the impression that work has restarted on the training ground and the Holte Hotel and that it is possible to go online every day and see how these are developing. Are you aware that there are now supporter consultation groups who meet so that we can express what we would like to see happen at the club. These are all ‘actions’, not words. The only valid point you made was about the Birmingam (City ) Mail. This rag should never darken the doorstep of any true Villa fan, the sooner it goes out of business the better. You do mention the “paying public”, so although you come across as real muppet, it would be interesting to hear how much you contribute to the claret and blue cause.

  • Just a mention – there are currently (06/02/07) no cashpoint (ATM for our American friends) facilities on the Villa Park ground at all. On the day of the West Ham match i was found wanting for a few quid and in need of a serious burger, but much to my surprise was informed by a member of staff at VP that the old cashpoint facilities had been removed before christmas because “They were sick of having to refill them”. My personal inconvenience aside, this smells of backwards logic… surely cash facilities being available at VP means more cash will be spent at the shops, stalls and stands inside the ground. As it was, my cash stayed in my bank and i went hungry. Can something be done about this?

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