Date: 28th January 2010 at 5:21pm
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Our Vital Villa forum was visited yesterday by a Liverpool fan – Dragosani – wishing us well.

An opponent fan wishing us well. Why? Well, according to him Villa represent all that is right with the game.

The gent said:

‘I hope you don’t mind a Liverpool fan dropping in to say a few things.

I just wanted to say that I will be rooting for you to grab a champions league spot (even if it means Liverpool missing out, my issues with the current Liverpool team I won’t bore you with!). I will also be rooting for you to win the Carling Cup final.

My reasons, I feel that Villa represent everything that is still right with English football, because there is a lot wrong with it now.

Villa represent a club that doesn’t spend beyond their means. A club that doesn’t try and buy success in a season but has made a slow steady improvement, as it should be.

A club that has both an honest and respected manager, but also a respected chairman.

A club that unlike so many in the Premiership has a strong mix of English players and finally a club that promotes a charity instead of a shirt sponsor.

I really like Villa, and I know many neutrals do as well. So here’s wishing you every success this and future seasons, you deserve it.’

Thought it worthy of a wider audience, have to say I agree – I know, as Villa fan I would – that Villa are going about things the right way and do feel we have got a fair share of good will from fans at other clubs who appreciate a decent, well run club when they see one.

Nice to read that, will pass it on to the Villa management also!

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