Date: 14th August 2009 at 11:14am
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Ok, so I’m easily baffled and when it comes to Villa, same as most fans, I’m full of passion and get very protective!

I can’t fathom the need for the comments that our manager, Martin O’Neill (in case you didn’t realise!) has again made about not wanting to send the club bust.


I must admit I find it interesting when you talk about anything MON has said because some fans will then say some of us are just negative and not real fans… blah blah blah!

I’m not negative, I’m just realistic…!

He said to BBC WM – Click Here

‘I do not want to be presiding over a bankrupt Aston Villa Football Club. It won’t be while I’m here and it certainly won’t be while the owner is here.’

No one said we would be. No one is asking for stupid money to be spent, trouble is no one is asking for players to be sold when no replacements (yet) are in and for us to then be told by the manager that the squad is far too small.

It is all too confusing for words…

He then talks about the way Manchester City are doing things – ie spending money and bringing in quality signings, bit of a shocking way to go about it really and says

‘Well done them if they can do it. That is not how we’re running this particular football club. That is not to be criticising any club at all, in any manner. I’m quite sure people could find lots of things we could attempt to do a bit better, but overall, we’re running it as a type of business.’

He says the club will go into the season with the same ‘determination’ and also to try to rectify the problems we ran into last season ie ran out of steam/players/legs… But how do we do that when players like Zat Knight are sold? Even if we bring in another defender, we are still a defender down following the retirement of Martin Laursen or have I lost the ability to count?

Can we withstand the season and compete? ‘Those are the type of questions, and I think that during the course of the season, maybe we’ll find the answers. But at this minute, what I would concentrate on is the excitement of the new season starting.’

Confusing as ever… quotes one minute say we are looking for quality and signings, then we get these sort of comments again…

Conclusion by some in the forum (and I’m sure other Villa forums) is the manager doesn’t actually have the money to spend. Not my conclusion I must admit but hey, with Villa, who knows … never is simple is it?! Don’t blame Martin O’Neill…blame the board

Must admit, I’m bored of the ridles, we need a clear and concise interview stating where Villa are at, where the ambitions lie, what sort of ambition we have in the transfer window, if the money is available, if not what the plans are… All this press talk and snippets of quotes just gets confusing doesn’t it?

NOT having a go at anyone, NOT being negative, just slightly confused and bemused!

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