Date: 16th August 2009 at 6:53pm
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Fatloser posted this in the forum and we thought it worthy of a front page as well! (forum thread – click here)

Right, I am 46 years old with the ‘standard’ 2 children and a wife, a middle of the road house and car and a life in suburbia. Lots going on in my life, getting kids to rugby training, tennis lessons, going to the gym,having the odd pint, going to mates for barbecues etc all very normal run of the mill activities.

I am fortunate to have a job which I relatively enjoy that pays ok so why on the third day of my annual leave do I feel extremely frustrated and angry?

Football, that is the reason. I seriously thought that I had got over this bug sometime ago, that I was ambivalent to how Villa got on, after all there are so many other concerns in life, the lads in Afghanistan dying daily, the people losing their jobs and not knowing where the next penny is coming from, starvation in nations around the world

However, this morning I have regressed to the days in my late teens and twenties where Villa, their results and performances, seemed to be the most important and determining factors in my life (No wonder my College performance was below par). It hurt and it hurt so much, little coverage apart from the radio, and the papers, but in those days I could get to VP much more often and could see for myself, get the drug as it was. I am not alone in this I am sure.

The last 15 years or so, my wife will support me on this, we have lost , I have sworn and moved on, life has been back to normal maybe after 30 minutes or so.

However, whether the internet has impacted, or Sky coverage or whatever, but I have definitely got that feeling back where, I am angry, have not slept well , woken up and got straight on here to look to see if there are strong links to much needed players, is there an apology for yesterdays totally inept performance? I doubt it.

Is football, and more importantly Villa that important? Should I just shrug my shoulders and move on? The wife would prefer that, even taking time to gloat about Arsenals performance whilst telling me I need to ‘grow up’ and not to go back ‘to how you used to be’.

To be honest I am pleased I have found the passion again, I am pleased it hurts when we lose (a feeling I want to experience less and less) and I want to feel the unbridled joy when we win, to carry that feeling through the whole of the next week.

I am sure I am not alone and a lot of the discussions/disagreements and arguments on this forum stem from hundreds of people who feel the same way I do……..and long may it continue…..sorry Mrs FL !