Date: 18th August 2009 at 8:54pm
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Vital Villa member 45-year-old Meyouldy in a positive address to General Krulak

Being a Villa fan for all of my life General which is not as long as some on here, I often ask myself why?

Saturday into Sunday was one of those. But the answer is:

If I wanted success at any price I’d support Chelski,
If I wanted to win every week because its my God given right I’d support Man Ure.

Villa is in my heart and that is where it will stay.

We’re not the best club in Europe but the rollercoaster ride that is part being a Villan is all part of the fun.

Yes I was here in 82 I was also still here in 83 and 84, this club is like a wife, as much pleasure as it is pain.

I firmly believe that MON will not deliver the Premier League title to VP but he is the best out there IMO to deliver what I want as a fan.

A well managed, well balanced team who’s players I can almost relate to and can pronounce all of there names, except that foreigner, ablongywhore, agbonglolol, whatever his name is!!

Joking apart, we don’t all feel the same and some have higher expectations than others, really don’t make us better or worse fans.

Alex Ferguson won nothing in his first five seasons at Man ure, If the board are convinced he’s the right man then that’s good enough for me until he leaves, then he will be judged on what he has or hasn’t achieved.