Date: 21st February 2018 at 6:09pm
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Will start by saying I’m not a Bruce fan by any means, think he seems a nice guy but just doesn’t really know what he’s doing a lot of the time, but I can’t understand the immediate jump back to Bruce on thin ice and we’re back to the old Bruce.

He’s made a mistake with the team selection, acknowledged at the half he’s made a mistake, and made two changes. The old Bruce would have stuck with the starting 11 until the 82nd minute then brought a CB on up top, so this shows me he’s learning slowly.

Fact of the matter is we’ve played two games in a row against two on-form teams fighting for promotion, without two of our best players, and were lucky to get a point. Is that a great result, no, should we expect more based on what we’ve seen the last month, yes, is it the end of the world, no.

I have to say though, the most ridiculous thing on this forum (and I know it’s their opinion and I agree they’re entitled to voicing it) is the amount of people who come out and scapegoat Hogan. This match we get ‘he just runs like a chicken with his head cut off and offers nothing,’ but earlier in the season when he didn’t run around the entire pitch like said chicken we got ‘he’s fat and lazy and out of shape.’

Well which do you want, do you want running about the entire pitch, showing drive and effort, dropping deep to try for his dear life to get his foot on the ball just once (where oh by the way he won a foul that Terry probably should have scored on the resulting header), sprinting 30 yards down the wing to stop a counter attack? Or should he just play his position, not put himself about the entire pitch, and wait for NO ONE AT ALL to play the ball to his feet?

To those saying he can’t create anything, can’t dribble, etc… Did you not watch him pick up the ball in the first half on the byline, turn a defender into a knot and unleash a shot that the keeper blocks away into the middle of the box? Really we are unlucky the block doesn’t fall to a Villa player for a tap in, Preston got lucky in a similar scenario that Johnstone’s punch landed for one of their players to have a strike (admittedly a great overhead kick) and score on.

We all know that when Hogan gets decent service he will score goals, however without a midfield to give him service he will not offer much threat. His game is pace, not height, and he’s quite damn good when we play to that game.

Also – play O’Hare with Hogan, because if you watched the league cup with against Wigan, you’ll know that they link up together quite well.

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  • Agree with both the above posts. He’s no Dalian Atkinson, so play to his bloody strengths, it’s not rocket science!!!

  • Well said The Yank – agree with pretty much everything. Hogan is a damn good striker if we use him properly. he worked hard at a thankless task last night, and even dropped deep looking for the ball at times. He’s good with the ball at his feet, has stren

  • Not heard anyone trying to make Hogan a scapegoat myself, its normally Bruce copping all the flak. I personally think the way we play is better suited to a stronger forward who can hold the ball up, Hogan looks dangerous inside the box but without Albert

  • Hogan’s taken his fair share from those who look at his goalscoring record and then say he’s under performed. His goalscoring record didn’t come from creating his own Gary. We play to his strengths and he comes up trumps, don’t play to his strengths and

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