Date: 20th September 2010 at 6:06pm
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JCVilla says

The most positive person I know….

….is me, trust me I`m a glass half full guy and always have been, even after a heavy defeat (like Newcastle). Sure I might sulk for the rest of the day but the following morning brings a new dawn and I`m no longer thinking about yesterdays defeat but instead I`m thinking who’s next on the fixture list cos their gonna get the backlash from the mighty Villa or at the end of a season where we have gone without a trophy again…well that`s alright cos the fixture list will be out soon and we can have another crack at next season

So there you have a tiny insight into my mentality.

BUT…why then do I have a horrible feeling inside my stomach that the game I love has gone forever. This feeling is NOT caused by all the things that have transpired at Villa park this summer such as Milner, MON, Kit delays etc, None of that bothers me at all, these things are, in my opinion tiny blots on a history book dated 1874 to infinity.

As wiser and more articulate people than me have already said ‘players, managers and owners come and go, the club and the fans will always remain’.

So why am I feeling like this?

A few months ago I watched Damned United on DVD and say what you want about weather the film was any good or not but it left me with a real sense of nostalgia for a game that has changed beyond recognition. Don`t get me wrong, I was born in 1974 and started going to Villa Park properly in 1988 so I`m not old enough to remember Brian Clough at Derby or Don Revie at Leeds but I am old enough to remember a relatively even playing field every season. Yes there is always a club bigger than you, there will always be a Man U or a Liverpool that will be a bit more successful but I remember a time when a chairman could put a realistic bit of funds into the manager`s hands and have a real good push at winning the league.
A time when finishing second, third or fourth was considered failure.
A time when teams like Norwich could find a couple of gems and still be in with a shout at the title with 10 games to go.
A time when a good manager could take an average club to the European cup final
A time when Wimbledon could go through all four divisions.
A time when a newly promoted team didn`t have to spend 100 million to say in the premier league for more than one season
A time when some players stayed at less fashionable clubs for their entire career even when the Liverpool`s and Man United`s wanted to sign them (Steve Bull amongst others spring to mind).
A time when there was still some romance and unpredictability in the game.

What do we have now?

well we have dull predictability for a start, we could all sit down and produce a final league table for the 2010/2011 season now and with the exception of one or two positions here or there we could more or less get the league table spot on.

We see 4 teams crowned champions every season and those 4 teams are given so much money for being ‘champions’ that no one else can compete with them.

The rest of the teams in the country will never be champions again unless an oil billionaire is willing to spend hundreds upon hundreds of millions to dislodge one of the four ‘champions’ and the fact that some oil billionaires ARE actually willing to spend hundreds upon hundreds of millions is even worse.

Players now know that they only need to have one exceptional season in their career and they will be signed up by a top 4 club on 150k per week to sit on their bench for 3 out of 5 games for the next 4 years and their current club can do virtually nothing to stop them

my bond with Aston Villa Football Club will never die but someone please help me, for the first time in my life I am beginning to worry about the future of our beautiful game, if it carries on down this track then I fear football will eat itself and a part of me actually wants to see that happen just so we can all start again.

I don`t want Villa to be a plaything to the owner, I don`t want us to spend 800 million over the next 4 years, my point is that NO CLUB should have to spend that sort of money to finish fourth because eventually the fans will be the ones to pick up that bill one way or the other! I just want MY football back not Mr Blatters or the other suits or Sky TV or whoever else was involved in allowing football to become what I see it as today. I have really high hopes that the new 25 man squad rule and the proposed financial rules are a step in the right direction but I won`t hold my breath

I wonder if there are people out there who have watched football since the 60’s and 70’s who felt she same way about football in the 80’s and 90’s and came out the other side smiling and just maybe put my mind at ease and tell me everything will be alright but I just cant imagine that there was a greater change through all those decades than the one we have seen over the last ten years.

Really sorry for what is essentially a very negative post but I have wanted to get that off my chest for some months now and I wholeheartedly invite positive replies so that my opinion on the beautiful game may be restored

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