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Paul Lamb, in the latest Heroes and Villains, says he’s guilty as charged. When it comes to Aston Villa, he’s as fickle as they come!

that was then,

I`ve never forgotten David O`Leary`s claim that we Villa supporters are fickle. So, I decided to put his claims to the test with regards to our beloved skipper John ‘JT` Terry.

Before he signed for us on that fateful 3rd July 2017, I frequently referred to him as “that ***** Terry” or even worse. From that day on it was “JT” or “legend“, so as what I referred to him changed on the 3rd July, I decided to test my opinion of some of his famous incidents, and see if my opinion had changed

In 2008, Terry was fined £60 for parking his Bentley in a handicapped space outside a pizza shop. He was estimated to have been making £135,000 a week at the time.

Before 3rd July

Typical big time ******, thinks he`s above the law and has no regard to the less fortunate in our society

After 3rd July

We don`t know the full story. I bet he`d probably parked up to help a little old lady cross a busy road. Top man is JT.

In 2002, Terry and Chelsea teammate Jody Morris were arrested and charged with assault on a doorman after he was allegedly hit over the head with a bottle.

According to, Terry punched the man in the face, but he claimed self-defence. Terry and Morris were found not guilty of affray, wounding with intent and unlawful wounding.

Before 3rd July

Bloody thug that Terry. He just gets himself the best legal team money can buy and thinks he can get away with anything. It makes my blood boil.

After 3rd July

JT was clearly acting in self-defence against some great hulking doorman – you know the sort. The world-renowned British legal system found he had done nothing wrong apart from defending himself bravely against a bully. Top man is JT.

While at a nightclub, Terry needed to go really badly. He claimed that an injured toe prevented him from getting to the loo in time. Instead of using a toilet, Terry used a glass to relieve himself. He then put it on the ground and just left it. Club staff saw the incident on their security cameras and escorted Terry out of the club.

Before 3rd July

Big time ******* – who does that ***** think he is?

After 3rd July

The poor bloke was badly injured and yet he was was still determined to make a guest appearance at a charity function even though he couldn`t walk to the toilet. It isn`t as if he just urinated on the floor; he was very thoughtful and used a container. He only put it down for a second and was just about to pick it up to take slowly to the toilet when he was pounced on by the club staff. Poor old JT.

Missing the Champions League-winning penalty. All he had to do was score a goal, and Chelsea would have won their first title in Europe’s most prestigious club competition. Cristiano Ronaldo had missed his attempt. At the time that seemed like a miracle.

Terry stepped up to the penalty spot. The whistle blew, and he took it. He had the keeper beaten. They both went to their right. Edwin van der Sar had chosen the wrong side. But the ball hit the post and bounced out.

It had been raining, and Terry’s plant foot slipped. He could have used a little more finesse.

Manchester United managed to win the penalty shootout to claim their third European title.

Terry apologized to the Chelsea fans afterwards. Some fans forgave him, but some of the fans still have a hard time getting over it. Who could blame them?

this is now

Before 3rd July

Hahahahahahahhahahaha – couldn`t have happened to a nicer bloke -hahahahahahahahah

After 3rd July

At least he had the guts to take it, unlike so many of his team mates. Proper leader. So unlucky, anyone can slip, just ask Beckham and Rooney. Top man is JT.

During the second leg of the semi-final against Barcelona, Terry was sent off after 37 minutes. Replays showed that Terry had kneed Alexis Sanchez in the back of the thigh. The ball was nowhere near Sanchez, and he didn’t appear to have provoked Terry.

Before 3rd July

Bloody thug. Serves him right. What a ***** for putting his team at risk of losing with an unprovoked act of violence

After 3rd July

We don`t know the full story. Perhaps Sanchez cleverly thighed JT`s knee. Perhaps JT was simply trying to do some stretches and accidently dumped into Sanchez. We don`t know the full story, but I expect JT was innocent. You know what these foreigners are like.

Terry had been good friends with teammate Wayne Bridge. They were neighbours and would holiday together. Terry’s wife, Toni, had been good friends with Bridge’s girlfriend, French underwear model Vanessa Perroncel. In January 2010, the affair was reported by the Daily Mail. They also reported that Terry paid for an abortion.

Before 3rd July

That really is lower than a snake`s belly. He`s married with children and shags a team mate`s wife. Words fail me with regards to just how despicable that is.

After 3rd July

We need to look at the bigger picture here. I expect that what happened is Vanessa Perroncel was telling JT that she felt ugly. Being such a nice man JT told her she was very pretty, and without any warning she pounced on him. Because he`s such a nice guy JT didn`t want to hurt her feelings, so went along with it, but was thinking of his wife the whole time.

Unfortunately for JT this just kept happening, but because he is such a nice chap he went along with it. Women can be such manipulative devils sometimes.

Fair enough Mr O`Leary, guilty as charged. When it comes to the Villa I`m as fickle as they come.

Paul Lamb

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