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Villa Fan In Optimism Shocker! Ahead Of The Clash v Sheffield Utd, The Positive Points

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This is shocking, we have some optimism!

LDGVilla wrote, in the match thread (click here – Villa v Blades Match Thread, be warned, the forum has more adult language and vigorous debate) trying to find the positives ahead of this crucial match v Sheffield United.

Here are a few reasons to be optimistic ahead of tomorrow.

1. We had a good pre-season, and these matches will resemble pre-season games. We also probably have the best training facilities in the league outside of the top ten, and these games should also feel very much like training games to the players.

2. McGinn is back, and before his injury, he was arguably our best and most important player. We also have a fully fit Grealish and Mings. Even way back at the start of this season, I think we would all have agreed that we would need those three fit and playing if we wanted to stay up. They’re fit, they’re playing.

3. Villa Park. With or without fans, is a magical place. Maybe, without the fans, it’s more of a house advantage than a home advantage, but it’s still an advantage. We are kicking off against a team that we CAN match in terms of quality at home.

4. There’s been a fantastic chance for Samatta to get to know the lads. Our new signing won’t feel so much like a new signing. He should be well bedded-in with the squad now and hungry to represent his country in front of the watching planet tomorrow evening. I’m expecting a flurry of goals from him in the next few weeks.

5. Win this, and we move out of the relegation zone perhaps permanently for the rest of the season. The focus turns from us onto whoever falls below us. They won’t all win this weekend and a gap can start to form.

With thanks to LDGVilla

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