Date: 13th August 2017 at 10:51am
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SB – an analysis

When Steve Bruce was appointed I had, like a majority of us, mixed feelings.

Yes, an experienced manager, honest etc. He also had a specific experience in the Championship – but is that as vital as some tend to suggest ?

Look at Newcastle and Huddersfield last year..

Today, I am annoyed.

There are simply no real improvement in results or our style of play (if we have one!)

We can all see the problems on the pitch where, despite a squad which is probably, on paper, the strongest in the Championship, we get well beaten by a very average Cardiff, and absolutely no improvement or sign of it from last year.

Playing systems, tactics and ability to react are the problems. The solution has to address the problem and that means the coaching staff.

I can see 3 alternatives:

1. We wait until ? – but will it really change even if we win a couple of matches ?

2. Remove Steve Bruce now – with all the uncertainties that come with it ?

3. Remove Colin Calderwood and replace him with a more modern, younger coach with different ideas.

Perhaps to replace Steve Bruce when we get promotion as we all know that he will take us no further anyway. The latter has my preference as CC is the same generation as Bruce and a defender and has no proven track record as a coach. Have we ever played well since he came to VP ?



5 Replies to “Villa Fan Puts Forward Three Options”

  • What happened to the coach we brought in from Brighton last season. The only mention I’ve seen of him was that he got married recently!

  • The coach from Brighton was Calderwood Les51 he is assistant manager. It was Stephen Clarence who got married recently – he is first team coach and came from Sunderland with
    very little experience.
    I think he does listen AV Dave – SB is not stupid. My

  • I’d go for a young modern thinking European coach. They seem to have all the right ideas, look at Huddersfield for instance. It seems to be the thing to do these days. Yes we’ve had Garde, but we had an crap owner running the club down and down then.

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