Date: 9th January 2013 at 2:20pm
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Carew AV Legend submitted and said:

Problems need sorting Paul

On Tuesday evening, I like many other Villa fans, endured yet another woeful performance from the club I was considered great. Those days are long gone. Still being a young a villan I wasn’t able to witness the glory days of ’82 and I’m now starting to worry whether I will ever get the chance to celebrate those days in the future.

The Bradford game and many others I might add, highlighted the weaknesses we have which is extremely worrying based on the status of Bantams respectively. Here are the main problems we have Corners – Our inability to defend corners seems to have haunted our defence since the latter days of O’Neil’s tenure at the club.

That is nearly three years; under seven managers (including caretakers) an incredible stat to say the problem still exists. Conceding late goals from corners can’t go on it’s killing us off in nearly every game. Sideward play – We continue to play sideward passing which isn’t how to play attacking football. Here lies the blame with the ginge ‘he who must not be named’. The positivity of our football has improved slightly but not dramatically under Lambert, hence the fact our matches still look negative with many pundits labelling us as a team that can’t score goals. As an example in the Bradford game I saw Weimann scream on the touchline begging for Bennett to pass him the ball back so he could forward, Joe instead decided to pass to Bannan who continued the defensive passing technique. This kind of technique won’t win us games, getting the ball in the net is all that matters not how long we can keep the ball, but that doesn’t mean I condone the dreaded long ball style of play.

Free flowing football PLEASE!!!

Team Selections – This is arguably Lambert’s biggest downfall since joining the club to be fair. I understand why he bought a few youngsters in the summer, but that doesn’t mean you play them all at once. Joe Bennett has got to be one of the poorest players I have ever seen in a Villa shirt and that includes Alan Hutton. But at the moment I’d rather Hutton or Warnock play over Bennett because the lad simply has no defending mentality at our level.

Not picking Bent is sometimes justified when you compare the two, Benteke offers more all round play. But when the club is in need of goals you dont leave out a £24 million striker for a guy we signed from Chesterfield who has only scored 10 goals in 83 games. Barry Bannan is just a lost cause and I really struggle to find a reason why so many fans rate him. The ‘Scottish Iniesta’ provides nothing but negative play to the team and this great passing myth is seen in glimpses once every 10 games. He gets shrugged off the ball so easily game after game! you would think he actually was a six-year old and it’s incredibly frustrating to watch, especially when he is losing it in vulnerable places on the pitch.

I could go on with many more problems but I seriously don’t think I need to go on… Lambert if you are listening please don’t be stubborn in your tactics, you are a good manager don’t ruin that. Bring some experience into this squad, its needed desperately. Get Bannan, Bennett and the other shit out of this club they’re dragging us down. And for the love of God use DARREN BENT. Yes he missed a sitter on Tuesday, but how many times has he done it for Villa. This player has saved us two seasons in a row with his goals; he doesn’t deserve to be treated this badly. He is a 20-goal-a-season striker yet he can’t seem to play more than 20 games a season.

By leaving Bent out for so long, no wonder he gets injured within minutes of playing. Training isn’t going to keep him fit when he isn’t getting any games under his belt. I truly hope we stay in the Premier league, I even believe we could still make Wembley in the League Cup despite being 3-1 on aggregate. Remember in 1994, Tranmere Rovers need I say anymore. Come on Villa win us a game, don’t make it another 2012 I seriously couldn’t cope with that type of year again.