Date: 16th August 2010 at 9:26am
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revua says ‘We need to be a selling club!’

It really grates on me when Villa fans get miffed at our board as soon as there is a hint that one of our top players is going to be sold.

I really think many Villa supporters need to change their mind set if we are going to get to the heights we all desire. I’m sure we all want the same thing if we are honest. To win the Premiership and then go and win the Champions league!

Now I know this might seem a little unrealistic to most but unless this is not our long term dream then there is not much point carrying on supporting Villa. It might be a long way off before we could ever reach these heights but it is achievable with the right business plan over time.

There are only so many ways we can do this.

1. A very rich and stupid owner buys us and wastes vast amounts of money buying every top player there is. This is very unlikely and I’m sure its not the way most would like us to do it.
2. We sell some of our best players at the top of there game for the right deal and then replace them with players that are cheaper, younger and just as good as the player we sold. This is the only way to make real progression that is sustainable. i.e. selling a James Milner and buying two James Milner’s with the money.

The transfer market is where clubs like us can succeed so we do need to be a selling club at the right price. Then we need to be a buying club of the right players at the right price before they get sold on again. We are here forever, we need to realise players are not and are just here for our use of progressing. We need to stop buying 26+ years old that don’t have much sell on value. This is a short term plan and does not help you progress in the long term. Invest in youth and younger players as even if it does not working out for those players they usually have a good sell on value as they have time on there side. We need to promote youth into the first team rather then buy expensive player to sit on the bench.

Even if some of the youth are not going to be world beaters so we need to move them on, often a few games in the first team can increase there value immensely and make us some money rather than letting them go for free. I think this point is being proven now as for a long time I’ve wondered why our youth and reserve teams do so well compared to other teams that are meant to have better squad depth. This can only be down to one of two things, we actually have better squad players than the other teams or the youth and reserve management are the best there is at getting the best out of players. We need to play players if we buy them! and I mean at least 50% of games in the season.

This was one of the main faults of O’Neil! By not playing them you are just losing your investment. Even if you decide you don’t want the player any more, they must still be played until they either improve or you find a buyer and recoup the money you paid. If the players bought are really that bad then they should not be bought in the first place. The players we buy are top quality professionals and if the Manager can not get the best out of them through playing them, then the manager is not very good at his job.

Overall O’Neil did quite well in the transfer market, buying some very good players, if you look at our squad there are some quality players. Where he failed is with what he is meant to be good at!!!!! Getting the best out of the players and managing them well. He failed miserably on this front and did well in the transfer market which is laughable as most think its the other way around. At least this now gives us a good foundation of a quality team to go on and improve.

Why some Fans and the press think O’Neill got our players to over achieve is beyond me. We don’t have a never ending bucket of money so if Villa fans truly want to progress then its time they backed they board to selling our best players at the right price and not thinking we can’t go forward if we sell our best players!


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