Date: 5th June 2018 at 5:11pm
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Just when you thought it was safe to come out from behind the back of the settee after Aston Villa failed to gain promotion via the Play-Offs back into the Premier League, any step forward in building some positivity ahead of next season seems to be followed by 12 sharp smacks around the back of the head.

With ongoing Steve Bruce speculation, ongoing Financial Fair Play concerns, nothing of any real note from the club as the press report Alan Hutton contract talks have been shelved despite being promised irrespective of what division we are in.

Oh yes, speculation about the likes of Jack Grealish and James Chester with departures expected as we balance the books and rumours of four potential takeover groups circling – albeit no bids in yet with Dr Tony Xia’s own future in doubt.

We have another doozy this afternoon and fans are simply perplexed.

A statement released on the Official Site within the last hour read.

“Aston Villa Football Club can confirm that Chief Executive, Keith Wyness, has been suspended by the club with immediate effect. Owner and Chairman, Dr Tony Xia will assume the role until further notice. There will be no further comment from the club at this time.”

Few seem to know any real details at the moment so it’s probably wise to keep mum at this stage, however.

That is the line being released in the press at any rate. It’s certainly not new in football for this to happen and Crystal Palace missed the deadline recently and it’s not expected they have any real issues either. Problem is, it happens more often with clubs in League 1 and League 2, rarely any higher but there are exceptions.

So it’s hard to read into this in terms of real trouble but that won’t stop fans worrying given the speculation doing the rounds already. It could be an oversight as we juggled life in the Premier League or Championship, it could be a whole host of things.

One thing it certainly isn’t though is attractive, the one take away is it looks like a shambles. I don’t need to provide examples from social media to prove that one.

Aston Villa are being reported as claiming the outstanding bill will be paid within the next 48 hours, which should at least take some of the panic off.

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13 Replies to “Villa Fans Begin Losing The Will To Live After Latest Development – Or Is It Just Me”

    • Not me I can recall the mess we were in under Ellis, including making the players pay for massage & physio!

      • Nez I would welcome Doug Ellis back tomorrow we would not be in this state under him

  • Totally agree Nez! What a mess – even if it all turns out to be a storm in a teacup, how amateur. Beyond pathetic.

  • No Rob, just because the two to follow haven’t been any good, doesnt’ make me wish for Doug. We were in debt, the overdrafts were being withdrawn, we’d just had David O’Leary and we failed to win things apart from two League Cups in over two decades. We just aren’t lucky with owners are we?!

  • Oh I will see though, Doug would not have walked around the pitch last season whilst we were midtable taking applause and raising his hands like we’d won something. Xia did. Made me shivver with embarrassment.

  • C’mon guys … all this business reflects how we’re ruled by social media. Though the matter is not a laughing issue, I’d say we’re reading far too much into it. Instead, just relax for a couple of weeks … read the works of Villa’s first-ever fan – William Shakespeare – os something equally constructive! 🙂

  • I for one do not remember Aston Villa in debt when Doug Ellis was in charge, it was when he took over in the 60s and also was again when he became chairman in 1984. When the premier league was formed going into the 1999/2000 season we were one of only 6 clubs being run in profit as we had a fairly stringent wage cap at the club. Ellis wasn’t always flashing the money but remember him giving John Gregory £80m in transfer funds in just under 3 seasons. Whatever you say about Ellis, he was there week in week out managing the club possibly too much some may say but with lerner and Xia they are hardly anywhere to be seen.

    • Try the accounts, debt was growing – our real cash came from the issue and somebody benefited from that better than the club did, so I won’t give praise or fall for nostalgia. What it shows is sadly nothing has actually changed but that doesn’t make Doug and uber owner, just like this stuff with Xia doesn’t make Lerner an uber owner. History will dictate of the two who followed who actually put their money where their mouth was and cocked up the greatest.

  • If XIA has failed to move capital from Bejing, due to a government ban of 41%then Wyness
    has been suspended for what reason. The gamble by XIA ,looks suicidal, AVFC look doomed.
    Already this dominoe effect will eventually hit the premier , with many clubs in La La land by paying
    Mercenaries players ,agent their greed fees. Armageddon has reared its head.

  • Wise words Laudrup and Andy Ellison. The foundations of football was shaken 25 years ago with the introduction of the Bosman ruling. Now extortionate fees are demanded of average players on huge salaries has created a virtual reality of football and business when, at the end of a contract, he can walk away for nothing. Aston Villa have been guilty of this. We have been guilty of not pushing forward our home grown talent. Jack Grealish, particularly at Wembley, has shown this point. When we have a player the likes of Davis, he is placed down the pecking order by Scott Hogan who cost a huge transfer fee and eye-watering wages! If you are good enough, then age is not a factor. Many teams in the past have been shining examples of the investment in youth policy and it generally pays dividends with loyal service from the player.

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