Date: 15th January 2018 at 5:31pm
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So we have another Fan Consultation Group meeting set for February 20th.

It is your chance to put questions on the agenda.

The forum thread: Click Here

What we have so far:

*I want to pass on a positive thanks to Guy and his staff for the excellent work they are doing building the Aston Villa Foundation.

*Wi-fi and phone signals, I think that’s now been partly answered 5G at Villa Park?. We can ask for an update.

*Update on the Holte Pub being re-opened.

*Paving stones, could these be re-introduced and would it be possible to restore the faded ones?

*HS2 / Bodymoor update

*Update on disabled facilities

Leave article comments, leave a post in the forum or email me at if you have something you want brought up.

Fan Consultation Group

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Oh and if you have any issues/questions in terms of away tickets/issues, as there is a meeting coming up later this month.


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