Date: 7th August 2006 at 12:37pm
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Vital asked in the weekends poll, with Martin O’Neill, what can Villa achieve this season.

17% predicted Uefa Cup qualification.

36% said top ten and another 38% said a decent league position and a good cup run or two.

4% still say we will face a relegation fight without funds provided and 3% said we’d finish mid to lower table.

That left 2% saying ‘I’m totally confused and unsure!’

Expectations amongst Villa fans are always said to be high, but those results look like we have our feet pretty much on the ground? Europe might be a long shot without new signings, but if anyone can motivate the team, O’Neill can. At least we shouldn’t get a repeat of the last few seasons total lack of passion.


19 Replies to “Villa Fans Have Feet On The Ground”

  • Anything has to better than the last two frustrating seasons. I believe that even with this squad we could achieve 8th or better.
    MON will give the players belief and instil confidence, something that has been lacking of late.

  • I bet 32RED cannot believe their luck, all this publicity and they haven’t paid a great deal for it. Just proves Doug is not as sharp as he thinks, he’s had it like a kipper.

  • who cares we have got the best manager in the land. WE HAVE GOT O’NEIL GET IN! he must know that the takeover is coming and that he will have loads of money to build his title challenge. O’leary gone and O’Neil in…..dreams can come true.

  • I am not expecting miracles this first season, a lot depends on whether we get new owners and the transfer budget available now and in January. And injuries of course. But even assuming the squad remains the same, with O’Neill and his two assistants in ch

  • we wont be keeping 32red when the takovers happens….hummel will be out the door too
    Nike will make our kits and we’ll be sponsered by a big company

  • If we have a good start and something to give confidence back to the players we can reach top 10. Im a lot more excited than I was a month ago anyway

  • I would imagine that we are stuck with 32RED and Hummel till the contract runs out, the only otherway would to buy the contract up. Im no lawyer so i stand to be corrected.

  • i believe the contract was on a yearly renewal, failing that, we’ll have a billionaire so contracts mean jack when your swimming in dollars !!!. i’m hoping with an amercican in charge we’ll get some nubile young cheerleaders. what would be your dream chee

  • Hell, even with Deadly still holding the purse strings I am confident of at least two substantial signings before the start of the season. Apart from that time I found myself standing next to Monica Bellucci I can’t remember the last time I was so stiff w

  • u have the right man in oneil but done expect too much too soon, he’s only just got here

  • I wouldnt get too carried away with Randys personal wealth. Apparently he wants to get a foot hold in UK so he can be part of the super casino revolution (read todays sun who obviously are always right). He will not throw money at us willy nilly but put

  • Tylervilla, I think that this argument is absolute bo***x. He doesn’t need to spend between £32 and £64 million on a football club in order to build a casino, there are many easier and cheaper ways and he wouldn’t have to deal with Ellis either.

  • Of course this does not mean that he won’t take the oportunity of a British base of opperations to go ahead with a casino, only that it is not his motivation.

  • I think as supporters go we are a pretty realistic bunch. Lets face it, only a few weeks back we were all readily admitting that we feared a fairly worrying season, culminating possibly in the dreaded drop. We’re all obviously setting our sights much high

  • I can not believe that Lee Hendrie is on 8% for captain – he’s orange for god sake! I think he is Ellis’s man in the dressing room to. Either that or he’s an alien. Come to think of it, he’s all three.

  • Lets not get too carried away! He isnt going to turn us into champions over night. I’d be happy with a top 2 finish! 😉 lol

  • deano – im sorry but thatplace will be occupied by chelsea and dont even think about first place – tht comig up to liverpool!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • We have at least two reasonable players for every position, except right midfield. Defintely enough in the locker for a top ten finish and with the luck of the draw, a good cup run. However I believe it will be next season before we will be able to se wha

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