Date: 2nd July 2009 at 11:29am
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Transfer Meltdown

Well the first day of July has passed us by and there’s been no new signings. I know that a lot of us had today down as the start of Villa’s Summer spending spree and there are now even more anxious and despondent fans than yesterday. Where was Bentley, Owen, Tuncay or whoever had been linked with us by inventive, or just bored, journo’s like Baggie Bill? Clearly O’Neill has lost all grip and we’re sliding backwards into mid table obscurity, time to hit the panic button!

In fairness, O’Neill, Randy or anyone associated with the club had never promised us unveilings today. We all hyped it up in hope more than expectation so we can’t really complain when nothing happens.

Apart from the lack of movement so far, the problem for many appears to be that we never do hear anything from the club about transfers or targets. Frustrating as it can be we just have to accept that O’Neill dealings in the transfer market are always going to be private and painstaking. It’s the way he does business and would we really want the alternative, someone like Rednapp tapping up players in the press every day?

Is O’Neill up to the job of getting quality players to Villa Park? If we set aside our transfer window panic attacks, his record in the transfer market is not all bad. Ok, it’s easy to shout out, Salifou, Routledge,
Knight, Shorey or Heskey. Personally I think the last three will be good players for us, and the other two were shots to nothing and bolstered an even more threadbare squad than it is now. It’s too easy to forget that he has also brought in the likes of Friedal, Milner, Davies, Young, Carew and Petrov, the players that pushed for Champions League for so long last season.

We know that we need to replace Laursen and Barry and add more numbers to the squad so we don’t have to throw away Europe again, or nosedive in the last third of the season. But if I’ve managed to work it out, I’m fairly sure MON has too.

We don’t have a match until 18 July. There is still time to get the players we need. I’m not going to be negative. To the doom and gloom merchants, if we don’t have several quality new faces in by the first
match I’ll eat my homberg, but until then I’m going to relax in the sun, watch Murray muck up Wimbledon (He’s a Brit, it’s inevitable) and wait for the signings to start to roll in.

Darth Villan


18 Replies to “Villa Fans In Transfer Meltdown!”

  • Why are you writing more words about transfers!??? It’s so BORING. Only jking Darth, I bloody love it. Good article. I can confirm that I too am in meltdown mode.

  • I’m certainly sweating a little, just a couple of decent signings would put everyone at ease…. If MON is after Owen though and he goes to Everton I will be hugely dissapointed if he comes out and said we missed our chance or something…

  • avfc48 – did you expect any different this transfer window? I for one am not a fan of MON at all, never have been, never will be, but things will happen when they happen, don’t take it to heart.

  • Yyyyaaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwnnnnnnnnnnn………i feel so embarrassed to be a Villa supporter….two six placed finishes, a well balanced business strategy, young squad starting to gel together waiting for a few more quality signings who will buy into the project, careful manager, financialy sound owner……..god I wish we had Mark Hughes or Harry Redknapp in charge and some incompetant owners who think they can buy success………for one season, then all the egos in the dressing room can destroy the club and get us relegated…….just like Leeds and Newcastle…..

  • and no I’m not a massive MON fan….but he hasn’t been that bad either, can’t understand his decisions sometimes, but thats what he is paid to do, not me….

  • Barring Man City hardly any transfers have happened yet. Most players have been away on holiday until the last few days so little will happen yet. I expect things to start moving over the weekend

  • astonmilan i echo your first statement 100%,The only real problem is some people have no patience and now have internet forums to vent their frustrations on,Rather than actually thinking about the situation and trusting the owner and manager who have brought this club on leaps and bounds on and off the pitch in only three seasons.It is wierd how people will choose to focus on salifou,routledge etc etc,Rather than the PFA YOUNG PLAYER OF THE YEAR o`neill brought to the club.The players one of the best managers in the world called the future of the england team in milner and gabby who o`neill brought in and nutured respectively.Or the squad which has got us into europe for the last two seasons and has got us closer to the big teams in the land than we have been in a long time which o`neill put together,All this simply gets ignored.But then again if man utd fans can moan about fergie losing a euro cup final after winning the double and then winning the league again the next season then what chance does anyone else have?

  • im getting to the stage where i really dont care anymore, i think MoN is the kind of manager who as we all know can get a tasty meal out of a bag of rubbish (not that i think hes a tramp or are players are rubbish) but my problem is that he knows it and buys too many risky potentials when he can spend on proven ability and make them better, although im a MoN fan i honestly dont think he will ever be able to push Villa Any more forward than he has done.

  • As fans I think we all have an opinion and a say. MON did great for the 1 half of the year and blew the last half because of inactivity and small squad because he did not have enough moving parts. But to me he gave us hope and it 1st time in a long time i have had hope. We all thought we needed more players and MON admitted as much and sometimes he hopes a little to much and is too frugal. But I watch him on the sidelines and i dont think any manager in the premiership feels as one with the fans than him. Off course he wants to do well and I for think he will learn from past mistakes and correct the issue. But for my own sane reasons I hope its soon because I dont want to be in mid July with out one.

  • I’m only impatient because I’ve been waiting 25 years since our last real success, and in 40 years of supporting the Villa I have every right to be. He is another opportunity to kick on and Villa have have to do something this window…they will but only time will tell wether it will be enough or just another missed opportunity in a history of missed opportunities. Over to you messers Lerner and Mon.

  • Bentley, Micah Richards, Krancjaar and a striker please. Can’t de too difficult. Also, a punt on giles BARNES please.

  • I just can’t wait for the season to start. I am so excited at the prospect of stuffing the Blues, embarking on a European odyssey, getting to Wembley, breaking into the top four (maybe winning the league). Well FFS, dreaming is what it’s all about isn’t it? At least our dreams have gone up a notch or two in the last few years.


  • “Praise the Lord another excuse maker. All Hail MON
    avfc48” – a fairly idiotic but predictable response to a reasonable article that did not strike me as being from a “MON is the Messiah” man – simply somebody who refuses to listen to the doom-mongers on July 2nd.

  • I love all these english signings but please BUY A BOX TO BOX MIDFIELDER!!!!!!
    any one remember Ian Taylor or dennis mortimer?
    Could James Milner be the man in the middle?

  • The only thing I will predict with any confidence this transfer window is that if Martin O’Neill buys Michael Owen, certain people will attack him for it, and if he doesn’t, those same people will attack him for that. Nuff said.

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