Date: 25th June 2007 at 7:22pm
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If the season started tomorrow and the transfer window closed tonight Aston Villa definitely break that top six – no doubts at all.

Arguably Man Ure are actually the only team in the whole of the Premiership that has a stronger squad than last season and the very few signings that have occurred in other teams are pretty much like for like, e.g.: Barton for Parker, Aliadiere for Viduka.

Possibly you could argue Spurzzz have further pulled ahead of us with the signing of Bale, but how can anyone be sure when he’s never played at this level?

So why would I think that a team that limped to 11th is now a sure fire bet for that elusive top-six despite selling players and not strengthening in the slightest?

Our best right back in Delaney didn’t even kick a ball last season. Our sole world class player played barely a quarter of the season, but the difference Laursen made was immense.

Our left back Bouma was truly horrendous for half the season. Then it clicked and he looked immense.

Petrov has been homesick and doing a lot travelling and this appears to have affected his form. Myself, I think that McCann affected his form as he changed his game accordingly or simply didn`t have the confidence in his midfield partner. McCann has left and Stan should now have settled into life at VP.

Gardener looked a very classy player when he finally got his chance but we only saw him for a handful of games. The reserve/youth teams record goalscorer spent the vast majority of the season out on the wing. Then he finally switched up front he looked more comfortable and started regularly scoring.

We didn’t lose a game for the first few months of the season with Luke Moore in the squad. He then missed almost all the remainder with an injury.

Carew, Young and Maloney were only here for less than a half a season but we’ve all seen enough to be very excited about the prospect of a full season. The youngsters are another year wiser.

In short: An entire season with all these players will make a massive difference on our league position and nobody else has stolen a march on us in the transfer market either.

I’m with The General – DON’T PANIC MR AVFC48. We haven`t lost any ground on others and unlike all others our team will be a lot stronger (injury permitting) than all the others over the course of this season compared to last.

It’s all irrelevant anyway because we will be signing half a dozen players, and I think one will be the proverbial ‘bums on seats’ type signing that will make the world sit up and take note.

By Beefy


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  • Some good points. Really cannot see Delaney making a difference and its a bit strong calling Laursen world class.

  • Get some beer down your neck and read vooddoo gurus thread on the forum. I am not sure wether to laugh or cry but bugger me if all that happened you would be confident. I actually agree with beefys article though and feel that a couple of sound investments could make a big difference. But to really challenge and move on, brave decisions need to be made.

  • So what do we want ?
    A few decent signings and a move up the table as long as no one gets injured, no one loses form ?
    Or to live in the real world
    I’m not panicking by any stretch Mr Beefy, O’Neill will deliver, maybe not as I want, but he’ll deliver.
    Why. Because if he doesn’t he’ll be sacked.
    I do despair that so many Villa fans have their heads well stuck up their own arses though still preaching the sort of Doctrine we were so used to in the Ellis years, when they got it so totally wrong too.

  • I think it would be a mistake to sign someone because they are a NAME – SWP springs to mind. Players should be signed to improve the side not please the fans. For example, if we signed a no name and he scored twenty goals that would be an improvement for the team – eg of this in the past Andy Gray – 30 goals. More recently Berbatov (even though he was expensive). My point – its more important for the team that MON signs the right kind of players and not the players with ‘big’ names. So lets not hold our breaths waiting for an impressive signing – unless they are right for the team.

  • We have a good young team at the moment which is progressing beautifully,I think players like Gabby,Gardner will be our best players in 5 years time.As long as they get regular football they will continue to develop.I dont care about qualifying for Europe yet,we have the nucleus of a potentially great team.Money does not buy success.A few teams will find this out the hard way in a few years.

  • Its good to see faith but dont agree with the above sorry. We need better players to progress. Over the next few weeks we will see just how much ambition our billionaires have against the other billionaire owners. Although I dont want to see us getting ripped off its simple to see that there are multiple rich owners all after the same small group of good and available players. This means prices are going to go sky and the ones willing to pay the fees will get them. Over the next few weeks its time t stop talking bright future and make it happen by getting players who will make a difference in.

  • yeah every man and their dog has a bilionaire owner now…but we have the smartest – and the smartest manager. cashback!

  • Biggest pile of pi5h ever – “If the season started tomorrow and the transfer window closed tonight Aston Villa definitely break that top six – no doubts at all” ! There is no logic nor evidence to back such nonsensical tripe. From 11TH to 6TH and nobody has even joined villa thus far. Think spurs, everton and portsmouth fans to name a few would be laughing at this.

  • Larsson, check your facts before you come on here talking nonsense. We are not all blind optimists, but all this would take to push us up quite a number of places is turning a handful of our many many draws into victories….and having watched most of our games last season, this really wouldn’t have been a big ask. So 6th place was entirely possible if we hadn’t had that dismal run of something like 16 games in the middle of the season when we were shot with injuries and picked up very little in the way of points. Go back to your own site and bait the Rangers fans, as they are the only team you should really be really concerned with. Hope you are looking forward to another thrilling season in the SPL.

  • Good Old British BEEFY artical, optimism is all we once had now we have a belief we will be climbing the table, top six possible. LARSSON from Celtic by any chance, still bitter and twisted are we?
    Do us all a favour and stay up the frozen north in the league of two teams.

  • “O’Neill will deliver, maybe not as I want, but he’ll deliver. Why. Because if he doesn’t he’ll be sacked.” WHAT ARE YOU ON ABOUT? Talk about being negative just to state the obvious…you have a serious downer on MON and just won’t admit it, AVFC48. Every time you post a reply you talk about Villa fans as if you’re a closet Celtic supporter – I just can’t understand your amibvalence towards your fellow followers and ebfore you start saying “calm down luvvies’ – I am calm and slightly confused at your animosity – just let people have dreams even if they are big and bound to be found only in pipes…let them dream.

  • Basically – if everybody plays to full potential and we get few injuries then yes – I agree. Problem is, we do have a few injury prone players, so in reality we need some back up. Don’t worry about Larsson – he hasn’t got much to smile about in life. His posts on Celtic are just as negative. Perhaps supporting such a small club in a Mickey Mouse League is getting to him.

  • Celtic buy Donati from Milan for £3.5 MILLION ! A player who milan paid £10 million for 3 seasons ago but they famously don’t give youth a chance. Fought off Sampdoria & Parma for his signature the teams he was loaned to. Add in scott brown and that makes some quality signings geared for winning more leagues and playing europes best in CL. You guys manage to buy anyone yet ? No-one ! Suppose its not that attractive a move to villa eh. haha

  • If the season started tomorrow and the transfer window closed tonight i reckon villa would win the league – no doubt about it ! haaaaaahahaaa.

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