Date: 2nd July 2018 at 9:00am
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With everything going on in B6 this summer in terms of our seeming financial meltdown, the silence from the club, takeover and transfer speculation, AllanJW thinks it’s time to sit back and enjoy the World Cup rather than getting all het up with every new headline in the media.


The Aston Villa Takeover Forum Thread – usual caveats apply to stronger language.

Writer: AllanJW

Our story seems to be in the ‘development’ phase; plenty of talks being had and moves being made ‘off stage’ while too much baseless speculation goes on in the press. The important thing to do at this time is believe nothing, and I mean NOTHING until clearly officially sanctioned. All those pathetic journalistic exercises in speculation of who is leaving, who is coming in, who will buy us and when and who won’t. It’s all nonsense and you’ll drive yourself doolally if you jump in that swamp. Ignore it all. There are no facts to be had right now. Every side is keeping schtum until things are clearer financially, one way or the other.

However, these sorts of deals often do have a pattern and the next stage to watch out for is the carefully managed press ‘leak’. The sucking vampire squids seeking to buy our club for the least amount of money will try to put pressure on the current owner. Expect to see planted press pieces ‘from sources close to the bidding company’ which establish their pure motivations, high moral rectitude and wishes to ‘take the club back to where they belong’ in the game but then express sadness in some way with the frustration they are feeling because Xia won’t let go at the price they want him to. Expect this company to say they feel sad for us, the fans. Expect more of this sort of thing and responses from the other side of the negotiations refuting them.

These are the normal machinations that occur in serious negotiations.

I’ll be waiting for an official announcement to either a stock market or national body or some notification that is required by statutory authorities because only then will we have some worthwhile new facts to digest. Until then it’s all theatre and positioning with the press as willing participants in stoking the news pyre.

But the timing of other club purchases indicates that EITHER one will be made in the next 3 weeks in order to make a success of the new season (I think this unlikely as Xia will not drop his prices but you never know) OR they will back-off until approaching the Christmas period, waiting for the next opportunity they can pick the club up for a depressed amount of money as the ability of current ownership to fund the club gets even more squeezed and rickety.

Enjoy the rest of the World Cup and the hot weather; the next decisions about our club will be available for public consumption when that is all over with.

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