Date: 11th April 2006 at 10:47am
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Vital Villa asked, in a snap poll, your opinion on John Gregory.

Seems the majority are in favour of the former Aston Villa boss. I must admit towards the end of his reign, a lot of fans, including myself, had become bored of the negative tactics. It wasn’t until he left and said he was in fear of his job every day that you started to see some of the reasons for that. We also moaned when the FA Cup final v Chelsea became an anti-climax and probably missed the point that WE GOT TO AN FA Cup final!

My stance was that he should possibly be moved on BUT WHAT IF? What if he had been given that bit extra finance, what if we had bought Juninho (who got as far as the board room only for ‘someone’ to mess the transfer up), what if, when we were top of the league (I repeat, top of the league) Doug had chosen to invest fully to keep us there???

The counter argument is he spent the most money, but we’ve shown in figures before now that John Gregory only had the same sort of funds – after sales – as all other managers. John Gregory himself said his net spend was only £4-5million a season and yet he kept us in the top seven consistently. I guess you don’t always know what you have got until it has gone. My respect for Gregory has gone up by the season since he has left. The one thing you can say for him is he bleeds claret and blue. When he is on sky he usually has a claret and blue tie on, he talks of ‘we’ not ‘I’ or ‘them’. I’d take him back to replace O’Leary, I wonder what he might have built if not for the frustrations of working for Doug? Who can forget the classic ‘Doug is in a time-warp’ quote?

Anyway! 64% said Gregory was ‘a real Villa man, I’d love him back’. A further 11% said he should be brought back. 5% said he was a great manager but shouldn’t return, 1% can’t believe he isn’t already in a top job and only 19% said ‘no thanks, he had his chance.

If the board of Newcastle United had any sense, they would be grabbing him and funding him to make them champions. I would certainly put a few quid on him achieving it. If our board had any sense they’d have brought him back a few weeks ago and seen him shoot us up the league once again. That said, would he really return to work with Doug?!

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10 Replies to “Villa Fans Want John Gregory Back!”

  • I wonder what the results of the poll would have been if similar had been asked when he had just left (or before he walked?). I think the fans were more split, although many many more rated him and wanted him to stay than for either of the last two manage

  • I rated JG I will always maintain he should have been backed by the board to take the club to the next level. However like Little and BFR he wasn’t. However I wouldn’t want him back the episode with G.T. part two we always sour my view about managers retu

  • Agree with skeggy, i said it somewhere on here on another thread. GT spoiled my view of having someone back. But i always loved JG and was very sad he left but was glad he did and wasn’t fired, alwways respect him for that and there’s not a great deal of

  • Yep, always liked Gregory. Who knows, if Ellis ever goes, maybe a new owner could convince JG to return. Yes, GT’s return didn’t work, but that doesn’t mean a second term under Gregory would fail.

  • There is the danger with returning. He would also need to have learnt from previous mistakes, he was a bit too vocal about the players at times! Would be interesting with the right backing though. I’d have thought he would play more attackign football

  • whos to say oleary cant do a good job without proper funding like he did at leeds.
    im sure the majority of fans would soon forgive and forget if we finished 2nd in the premiere and reached the semi final of the champions league.

    just a thought.

  • Sorry, but I’d be against a JG return. How quickly we’ve forgotten the Gregory Out banners, the anti Gregory mood at the time. Good coach, extremely poor man manager. Interesting he still hasnt returned to the game in a managerial capacity.

  • jose mourinho his already said he will come to villa so why not, even most of his players have said they are willing to come to villa with him, and heres everybody else saying john gregory are you all on drugs……………….

  • ok forget my last comment we dont want jose do we, why not ron atkinson he was a cracking manager he led us far.

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