Date: 17th August 2006 at 3:59pm
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Simonwoburn asked in our latest poll, what would you want the Doug Ellis stand to be renamed?

A massive 61% said back to the Witton Lane Stand.

16% said the Ron Saunders Stand

11% voted for the William McGregor Stand

An amazing 7% voted to keep the Doug Ellis Stand and only 4% said the Tony Barton Stand.

Just 1% went for the ‘I can’t stand up for falling down’ Elvis Costello option!!!!


22 Replies to “Villa Fans Want Their Stand Back?”

  • Just to save Randy a bit of money on the renaming, we could use exactly the same letters and call it the

    ‘Doug, I Sell’ Stand.

  • How about the ‘lets start singing and get behind the team for a change stand’? The only comments I have heard from players regarding the Witton Lane Stand is that they never hear vocal support, only critisism. Alan Wright, Ulisez, JLloyd and Gareth Barry

  • Keep it the same i know not all of us like him but, Let’s not get sour about him let him have his stand.

  • Too tell the truth its my least favourite stand,re-build the north stand and the witton as one connecting stand, rename the stands as one.

  • The Witton Lane Stand. Obviously we’ll need Strides approval to get it changed though, as he was no doubt one of the ones who came up with the idea of The Old boy Stand.

  • Doug lost it in the last few years but he did the club a great deal in the 80’s, where would we be now if he had not stepped in when he did?

    Keep the name.

  • byronp ……. your message is so bad I am unsure that it deserves a response ……….. but here is one anyway. In 1982 HDE came back to a club that was the best in Europe. He proceeded to then to turn ‘Harrods’ into a ‘corner shop’. Character assainati

  • The stand of God, (or the Paul McGraph stand) name it after a legend. but we have had so many, and I have that wonderful feeling that we are going to have plenty more, Look over your shoulder prem big boys the Villa are back

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