Date: 4th April 2006 at 12:31pm
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The BBC are looking for a few fans to go and talk about Aston Villa for next Monday’s 5 Live show.

They have asked me to pass this on:

‘wanna talk about Villa’s season on Radio 5 Live? Well now’s your chance, we are looking for 2/3 Aston Villa fans to talk about David O’Leary, Doug Ellis and anything else that’s on your mind.

You need to be available between 8-9pm on Monday 10th April and be able to get to the mailbox in Birmingham.

Give me a shout for a chat. Thanks’


11 Replies to “Villa Fans Wanted By BBC 5 Live”

  • oh my god 2 or 3 villa fans discussing DOL and Ellis this could be the first broadcast live riot!

  • Jon, put me forward if you like, I work in the mailbox next door to the bbc anyhow. I’m always on to WM and Tom Ross

  • Presenter: So Skeggy whats yor take on the season. Skeggy: ****###@@@@ ******~~~~~ #############. Presenter: To the viewing public I must apologies for this foul mouth outburst.

  • 8-9?! Wrong time for this type of show isn’t it!? 9-12 would be more sufficient. Would allow the foul language and give plenty of time for everything to be said!

  • Just everyones luck to get a collection of pro-Ellis supporters on there, giving a further boost to the old boy’s already over inflated ego.

  • What do they expect us to say? We don’t like DOL and we want ELLIS OUT! What do we do for the other 59 minutes?

  • Lee, you have to email Louise as per the article. Think they have had a good response as well!

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