Date: 19th September 2010 at 4:47pm
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The great where are the fans attendance debate has been raised again in our forum.

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randy.stand kicked it off saying: ‘The attendances are looking worrying at Villa Park at the moment. 35k for each three games vs West Ham, Everton & Bolton so far. That’s with £10 tickets being on offer for the last two home fixtures. I know the MON leaving thing hasn’t helped and perhaps with GH attendances will improve but apparently for Wednesdays game against Blackburn, 13k have been sold so far. That is really really poor. Why is it? I know money is tight for a lot of people but so it was last season. I really hope the attendances at Villa Park improve. Attendances were really impressive only a couple of seasons ago. It’s something we need to get to again. It’s a massive club in the second city of the country. We have a big fan base and should be pulling In more than what we are at the moment.’

So… where are you? What would attract you back? It can’t be the price surely? The offers have been amazing recently and yet like yesterday, we’ve not even topped 35 000.

Is it just the quality of football? If so, fingers crossed the new manager and his crew sort the style of play out to ‘entertain more’ or is there something more deep rooted?

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1958Villa said: A game of football is supposed to be entertainment for the masses. Well once the team start playing entertaining football, win, lose or draw, the fans will start turning up again. The stuff that has been on offer at Vila Park over the last three seasons especially, apart from the odd game, has had quite a few people talking of suing the club under the trade descriptions act. Entertaining it has not been. Hopefully Mr Houllier will, by the end of the season, have turned things around sufficiently, to attract back those that have had enough of paying good money to watch dire rubbish. In the meantime, a lot of people will continue to get their enjoyment from watching paint dry or grass grow.

Wurzel is far from a happy bunny at the moment added The season is a dead rubber isn’t it? No signings, no urgency to get a replacement manager before deadline day. An uninspiring appointment as manager. Selling your best player. Take your pick.

VOTN: I echo the above sentiments, it’s about entertainment. Of course, as fans we want a win above all else but when we are coughing up our hard earned (not just to the club, I’m thinking about total expenses which for me to attend are considerable. For what it cost me to attend 3 games over the last 2 seasons I could have bought 3 season tickets) it’s important to be entertained in some way otherwise it’s tempting to just follow on the TV/radio/internet and look at the results/table.

shaldonvilla doesn’t hold back when he says Dreadful boring football is the main reason as ticket prices are still reasonable.

Some twerp called Fear who to be fair we’ve tried to get rid of for years from this forum added: Despite the previous manager being lauded by many, I found the football SO boring that I only carried on going to the games out of habit, loving the seat I have (not wanting to lose it) the people around me and the fact that I think you should support the club through thick and skin + obviously, I run this site and if I lost interest in going, then I’d have to hand over the site to someone else I think.

I’m hoping that GH brings in better football than the hoofball (my opinion) that we suffered in previous seasons. It might have been effective if 6th is truly as good as we can get but I spent half my time texting and chatting because sorry, it was pathetic to watch.

I think GH will bring in some decent players, there is money, don’t give a shite what those who say about us being a selling club, GB wanted out and was in the last year of his contract and had been with us 12 years… Milner (big loss yes) had his head turned by mad money and we at least got mad money for him.

The manager walking meant that money couldn’t be spent but it will be.

The recession/Rover etc hasn’t helped the area and football is expensive + a lot of pubs show the games now for far less on the illegal (?) satellite channels.

Also some fans only come when the times are good then moan when they can’t get Wembley tickets

Personally with the offers etc, I can’t see there aren’t enough fans to get at least 39 000 – 40 000

Then again, the holte end doesn’t do its job anymore singing either. Maybe that is because the football is so boring and they need a spark. Maybe sometimes the players need a spark from us?

Feel sorry for the marketing/ticketing people, they do the offers etc then fans come back and see yet another awful game which turns the floating fans off.

Maybe the new regime will bring more entertaining football and that will ‘fix’ the problem?

So much is right at Villa now, facilities etc just the ‘product’ on the pitch has been substandard for way way too long (imho) and it is very difficult to ‘sell’ that

Oh and as for the mid week cup game. It is cheap enough to go. Will those who don’t attend be the ones on the forums and on to the ticket office shouting and moaning because they can’t get tickets if we get to Wembley?

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