Date: 25th September 2008 at 4:49pm
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Our latest poll asks why weren’t you as fans of Aston Villa at the Carling Cup game v QPR on Wednesday night?

The options:

I knew what was coming and couldn’t face it
Work/family commitments
Credit crunch, just can’t afford it
Don’t rate the Carling Cup
Just didn’t fancy it
Live too far away for midweek games

This isn’t a witch hunt, we all make our choices in life and some of us don’t have a choice – ie plenty of people too ill, too far away or plain simply not having the funding. However I am genuinely interested why the attendance was so poor. I can’t think of anything better than a night cup game – well, I can’t think of anything better football related, I’m sure if Danni Minogue walked into my apartment one fine day…. ooooh what a fine day that would be… I’d think of some things to at least equal the thrill of the Cup…!

The atmosphere certainly didn’t help the team and reflected the muted display. Fair enough, I’ve argued before that the players also have a duty to get the fans going – it is a two way street – however for a reduced rate of £15 (it would have been reduced to a tenner if the Villa had their way, or so I believe, but the owners of QPR wanted it set at £15).

21 541 at the match, which includes around 4000 QPR fans. Not good enough, not when you consider the backing the club now has. So has the credit crunch hit home – as I say this isn’t a witch hunt, people are free to do whatever the heck they choose in life as far as I am concerned, it was just a bit of a shock last night or do people no longer rate the Carling Cup? I can’t believe that most fans of Villa think we are now too big for the cup… or do they?

Ok, we have a couple of polls centered around the Carling Cup to round up.

Mystic mug asked ‘How Far Will Villa Go In The Carling Cup?’ I’ve now bludgeoned him to death!

Only 15% were right, as they predicted a loss to QPR.

That left, for what it is worth: Final Win (29%) Semi’s (25%) Quarters (22%) 4th round (7%) Final (2%)

Vital Villan, under the alias ‘Pathetic’ asked for the man of the match vote. He should have put the QPR fans in there to be honest and I’ve not left this poll up long for obvious reasons:

Petrov (47%) Guzan (34%) Routledge (9%) Shorey (3%) Young (3%) Osbourne (1%) Gardner (1%) Knight (1%) Carew (1%) Agbonlahor (0%) Cuellar (0%) Harewood (0%) Barry (0%)