Date: 3rd June 2008 at 11:27am
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Aston Villa have confirmed that next season they will forgo shirt sponsorship worth in excess of £2million and instead have the logo of the Acorns Children’s Hospice on the shirt for free.

The move, long muted and whispered about has been complimented by Premier League chief executive Richard Scudamore who said:

‘The power of football and the power of the Premier League has long been something that companies have tapped into to reach audiences throughout the country, and increasingly, across the globe. Real credit must go to Aston Villa for being the first Premier League club to use its shirt sponsorship to highlight and promote its charity partnership with Acorns, a highly public way of demonstrating that this type of commitment is central to the modern football club.’

Adding, ‘I am sure that Acorns’ association with Aston Villa will be of great help in raising awareness and funds for all the excellent work they undertake.’

Whilst on the subject of Acorns I got an email from Vital member Bob Dunbar who said:

Barclays Bank ‘Walsall Area’ are holding a fund raising for Acorns and as this is also the clubs charity the Villa have kindly donated 4 signed pennants which come with a certificate of authentication.

They are being raffled for a pound a ticket and are in the following branches of Barclays Bank:

Tamworth, Sutton Coldfield, Perry Barr and Erdington.

The raffle tickets are on sale from the 2nd to the 6th of June along with other events and this is the first part of the fund raising that Barclays are organising with support from the club.


11 Replies to “Villa Forgo Shirt Sponsorship For Charity”

  • This is fantastic, and just another reason why we can all see Aston Villa moving to another level.We are performing on the pitch,and gestures born out of a desire for good, to create a positive affect on our local community and to people who have to deal with such traumatic situations with their kids, is heart warming.Aston Villa a true cornerstone of English football, setting the standard..YTV

  • What’s the point in having £2m in shirt sponsorship ? We wouldn’t spend it on players , we never buy anyone !!! ………… Not joking now, well done villa, cracking jesture.

  • cant wait to get the new kit when it arives, well done Lerner the pride it gives us villa fans is worth way more than £2mil

  • Granted british84, but at the moment the club’s PR needs a little extra work in my opinion. Last season it was all about “world class players”, this year it’s about donating money to charity (something i do every month also so is a subject close to my heart). I do however think there are a lot of supporters who perhaps would think the club needs to demonstrate its intent of loyalty to its paying customers in the transfer market (as promised) before these gestures. Perhaps selfish of me, but that’s still what i think.

  • Well done Villa! Have to take my hat off to you for this! Good to see not everything is about money!

  • official site: Our Strategy

    Aston Villa is first and foremost a football club. All supporters of the game know that Aston Villa has enjoyed success for more than a century, winning virtually every honour possible in English and European football. We remain determined to retain the historical links and bonds that have existed with significant areas of Birmingham and we see our partnership with Acorns as a central way of doing so. We also believe that economic benefits for the club can be derived from this partnership.

    Traditional for-profit businesses will understand our motivation for supporting Acorns and will react positively toward the club and Acorns in terms of their desire to be associated with the partnership.


    Aston Villa and Acorns are designing a series of initiatives and events that we believe will inform and celebrate the partnership on a local and national level. They are intended to give supporters, staff and players the opportunity to learn about and support Acorns work and their broader mission. The goal of course is to provide significant value and assistance to further the efforts and good work of Acorns.


    To some extent, placing Acorns on our match day shirt is an experiment. But it is already an involvement with which we, as an organisation, feel increasingly positive. It is our hope that we are able to introduce this partnership to new and existing business relationships which will generate economic value to support the Club’s competitive ambitions and, at the same time giving a truly wonderful organisation a significant platform from which to touch more people.

  • I’m so proud to be associated with Aston Villa. It’s a great move on so many levels and will pay dividends to both The Club and Acorns in so many ways. Well done for both this forward thinking and the altruistic and proffesional manner the board have conducted this affair.

  • Great idea Mr Lerner, should do wonders boosting our global brand……..Which will be the next club to follow our lead?

  • Its a risky experiment but if its is pulled off then no doubt other clubs will follow and aston villa will become the club that everyones watching.

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