Date: 28th July 2006 at 2:11pm
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A new consortium? Judge for yourself!

The Birmingham Mail have named ‘deputy High Court judge and top international solicitor, London-based Nicholas Padfield QC’ as fronting a consortium apparently called ‘AV06’

Apparently, their proposals went to Ellis this week and are waiting for talks.

Two things:

1) Proposals would not be submitted to Ellis, they would go to Rothschild.

2) Why would any group want their name in the press before entering into formal talks?

I know the press, including all the web sites, HAVE to look for articles and report these things but there are very loose lips somewhere? I thought once the club was in the hands of Rothschild that everything would become much more professional and run much smoother. Darn it for forgetting the Ellis Factor!

Reports that Sven’s agent Athole Still was leading a consortium have been as good as dismissed as not true.

In Bill Howell’s report, it says:

‘A source close to the consortium said: ‘Our money is as good as anyone’s and is already in place. We will make sure there is money for players for now and the future and our investment will be such that well after the initial deal we will be looking after the well-being of the club. We can’t turn Villa into Chelsea overnight but we can aim to be a solid top-10 club initially and then take it from there.’

Bill also says ‘Padfield is a big hitter on the legal front in London and is a Deputy High Court Judge.’

(Mental note to self. Padfied is a big hitter on the legal front, keep your mouth shut or say nothing but nice things).

I’ve always said how much I like judges and hard hitting lawyers particularly.

(Mental note to self. Phew, nice one, well done).


33 Replies to “Villa Group? Judge For Yourself.”

  • solid top ten club and take it from there……on your bike sunny, we want a little bit more ambition than that.

  • I think after last season a solid 10 club would be a good start at least, as long as they looked to push on from there.

  • Not enough ambition in my opinion. At least Neville shares the fans ambitions. It could be argued that he is trying to be realistic but he is already talking like O Leary in my opinion, next he will be talking about bringing in a bunch of honest players.

  • Whats the problem with top 10? Assuming they refer to this season, then I don’t see how it’s realistic to aim higher than that for now given the season starts in a few weeks and MON or whoever won’t have had time to build his own team, the rate it’s goin

  • Like the Fear says, it’s hard to understand where all these rumours are coming from. Is this Ellis spin to get a better price for the club? But as it stands, there is only one bid that we know of, and until it is official, the rest is just pie in the sky.

  • Dear Mr Fear,

    Would it be a possibility for the AV Shareholders Association to get in touch with Mr Lerner to state that a majority of fans are with him! And together we can all oust Ellis

  • Progress and details at last. Neville said: “It is the intention of our consortium to raise a pot of money of up to £20million for the next manager of Aston Villa Football Club to buy players immediately. I can confirm Martin O’Neill remains our number on

  • Nice one Pul G but when have you ever seen us suceed where Ellis is concerned. So far I like the way neville sounds, he got the money (eventually, whch means he is a fighter) made an offer and came back today with info re budget for new players. He is als

  • I can’t believe the number of people dismissing these people out of hand for a lack of amition! There aren’t that many Roman Abramovich’s in this world, it is highly unlikely that anyone that comes in will be anything other than someone with the intention

  • Well no matter what we all think about this current saga and whatever our opinions of Ellis and all hios 13 managers, LIFE AS A VILLA FAN IS NEVER BORING! Just think how dull life would be as a Chelsea fan, knowing that your whole season is a waste if yo

  • Top ten might not be headline grabbing but at least ‘the source’ is being honest and up front. To buy it, put in a business plan and build is a positive thing in comparison to Ellis staying. Still say that I can’t see why any group coming in would want

  • Like everything Villa do, it has to be saga. It’s the same with transfers, the new training ground etc etc

  • I doubt Martin O’Neill or anyone else could suddenly make Gavin McCann or Lee Hendrie top class players or suddenly turn Juan Pablo Angel into a consistently top class striker. The changes need to be widespread and that will i’m afraid take a bit of time.

  • I don’t think Neville is a fighter at all – self publicist more like. Know nothing about his background or backers and if you were a serious business man with the brain and style to lead a major Club then why would you be in the press so much no and givi

  • The Fear – Do you think there is any possibility of Mr Lerner coming back with a bid? I have written to a local Cleveland newspaper asking them to stress how much we want this guy and I have been told this was forwarded to to their football editor.

  • Call me dim if you like but is there not another way for a potential buy out. For example if Doug holds 39% that still leaves 61% of shares being held by other people probably fans. Could an interested party just buy say 41% of shares from other sources i

  • Problem is, once shares start changing hands professional investors get involved (tomake o profit) and then will only sell at a profit, the price goes up and unless an officiall bid goes in the proce will continue to rise to ridiculous levels. If an off

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