Date: 10th October 2005 at 8:09pm
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On the positive side, there is room for improvement.

On the negative side, we were crap.

West Ham deserved to win by at least those four goals, should have had a penalty and you couldn’t have argued if they had gone on and taken 2-3 more chances.

Play like that again and we’ll be fighting in the wrong half of the table all season. Tonight, for me, was a pivotal game, the sort of game that shapes the mood for a season. We now cannot afford to lose at home, because away from home we are dire.

I have to question why Phillips was brought off for Angel when it was so obviously – to me at least – that the supply was the problem. Can DOL really not see that? Could he really not see that Barry was having a very very poor game and that Berger would at least give us half a chance of crossing the ball?

DOL once again told the press we have an honest bunch of lads – seriously, can anyone explain wtf that means for me please? Still, he also came out honestly (now I’ve caught it) and said it like it was, we were poor in every area and gave up the ball far too easily.

Milner looked promising, Baros – starved of the ball that he was – tried hard and………nope I’m struggling.

Tactically inept, poor, dire, woeful, embarrassing, outplayed, outclassed, beaten to a pulp, on the ropes for the whole game, outshone by a team who for the large part struggled in the Championship, clueless, classless, leaderless, goalless, careless, lessless!

I could go on, but I won’t.

Player Ratings

Sorenson 2
Started the season so well but tonight was awful. He came for the ball, he missed the ball. I thought those performances were saved for our local derbies?

Mellberg 3
What has happened to Captain dependable? Not at the races.

Ridgewell 3
A lot to learn, but he has time on his side. Gave away the free kick that led to the third (?) goal and should have conceded a penalty.

Reserved judgement, didn’t see enough of him! What an introduction.

Milner 7
Loads of effort, must wonder what he is doing at Newcastle’s feeder club.

Barry 3
I can’t stick up for that performance.

Davis 5
Loads of energy, few attempted shots, but outclassed by their midfield.

McCann 4
The season has started, he hasn’t.

Baros – Phillips – Angel.
No service, no chance. Angel must be pleased that he can now at least see that it isn’t just him?

Too late to make an impact.

Again, substitues brought on much too late to make an impact.

Manager Rating
Something has gone wrong David. Lets hope you are the man to sort it out.

Opponent Rating
Got his team up for it enough to teach Villa a lesson.

Oh dear.
Still, we won the Ashes, now there was a team with fight, desire and spirit. You have to look at the leader of a team to set the tone. We don’t have a leader on the field, and evidently we don’t have one off.


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  • Thoroughly enjoyed that game, most entertaining! Spurs on the other hand, with only 1 win in 19 at Villa Park, might not have enjoyed it quite so much.

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