Date: 20th October 2018 at 10:27am
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I like this a lot!

Fresh thinking from Dean Smith showing he’s not a manager who is set in his ways.

I think we are going to get on just fine Dean!

The Birmingham Mail reporter Gregg Evans reported that Dean Smith isn’t that bothered by an individual captain on match days because he wants a team of leaders.

How refreshing.

If this becomes a ‘no one can go missing’ during a game, for fear of being dropped, we could well be onto something special.

James Chester will be club captain but Smith explained:

“Sometimes by naming a captain you end up missing people who can take responsibility and have leadership qualities you don’t tap into,” adding, “You have your captain and end up speaking to him and trying to relate to players.”

“I don’t want a team of players. I want a team that are all leaders.

Fantastic stuff. We have had too many who haven’t given a damn about the club, now it looks like Smith will have them all standing up and being counted. There are plenty of quality players in this squad, and we have some good youth players coming through. Smith is right, it should be about the collective. We have had a bunch of individuals for too long. Now we need a team and by the sounds of it, that is exactly what Dean Smith is going to build.


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4 Replies to “Villa Have Been A Bunch Of (Often Talented) Individuals For Too Long – Now Smith Will Make A Team”

  • That quote “I don’t want a team of players. I want a team that are all leaders” really does spark hope when you remember that Ron Saunders was proud of the fact that his players were the epitome of that elusive standard.

    However, it’s all still to be done – and we really have to wait to see what unfolds.

  • Agreed John, really pleased with what is being said (and done) at the moment. Lets hope this leads to some happy days mate.

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